Ninja Warz Cheats

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Ninja Warz Cheats

Take a look at the different ways of advancing in the addictive game called Ninja Warz, by applying some of these strategies to move up different levels.

For everyone who is addicted to Ninja Warz, and are looking to advance in this game, here’s some help. There are no specific codes and cheats to advance through the game, but there definitely are certain tips and strategies that you can apply to beat your opponents and move up the various levels as fast as possible.

1. Find your allies.
The best way to unlock certain items is to get a good number of allies while playing the game. It also gives you a good amount of gold. While playing this game on Facebook, you can either invite everyone on your friend’s list to become your ally. The chances of everyone accepting this, however, are low. Another way then, is to join the Ninja Warz forum on Facebook. This forum has a list of email ids of people whom you can invite to become your ally. The email ids have been put there only for this purpose, so chances of acceptance are much higher.

2. Use the Daimyo to your advantage.
 When you log in, the Daimyo, a golden statue on the top left of the game screen will be glowing. If you click on him at that point, you will receive some amount of karma or gold. The Daimyo refreshes its stock of gold and karma every four hours, so keep visiting it to get a chance to increase your amount of both.

3. Learn the the Konami Komando code.
This can earn you more karma while playing Ninja Warz. Click on the Daimyo, and use the following combination of keys: [UP] [UP] [DOWN] [DOWN] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [B] [A] and [ENTER]. This will immediately get you 1 karma, and also increase your attack speed by 10%. This code only works once, so don’t keep trying to do it again and again. This code may not work in certain browsers, so you may have to switch to another browser to make it work.

4. Increase your achievements.
Getting achievements on your Ninja Warz profile is extremely helpful. On your profile, you will notice a list of possible achievements, each of which will get you a different amounts of karma. As your achievements increase, your ninjas will become stronger.

5. Tap your golden clouds.
Every four hours, random golden clouds may appear on your main Ninja Warz screen. Click on them to earn more gold.

6. Always choose karma over gold.

7. Fight those NPCs.
To level up quickly you need to defeat a lot of opponents who will give you a good amount of experience when you win the fight. So that you can level up easily, you must fight opponents who are easy to defeat, known as NPC (non-player characters). By clicking on the flying boat icon at the bottom of the page, 5 NPCs will be loaded, and you will be able to recognize them by their distinctive appearance. Click on the icon again for 5 more NPCs to defeat. The limit is 10. You can also beat NPCs who are almost 2 levels higher than you for more experience.

8. Rush to the hospital.
Instead of waiting for your health to revive itself, use the hospital to heal yourself. This is a quicker way of regaining health, and leveling up faster.

9. Aim for a black belt. 
Get a ninja to black belt by fighting one at a time. When you finish with one, fight the next one. As you make 10 ninjas black belt, you will receive an award.

10. Locate and eliminate weak opponents.
Each Ninja Warz player profile on Facebook has a unique id that is visible on the web address. When you copy and paste this web address in your browser window, you are directed to that particular profile. If you find a weak opponent in this manner, you can fight them at least 5 times in an hour and gain a good amount of karma and gold. Also remember to use the skip button, in order to speed up your fight.

For those who have a mean competitive streak, apply all these strategies to get ahead at Ninja Warz before the rest of your opponents do.

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