Ninja Saga Tips

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Ninja Saga Tips

Reading some tips is going to help you play this game like you own it. So have a look at some good tips and tricks to play a smooth game of ninja saga.

Ninja saga is a very popular game on Facebook. In this game players can create their own customized ninjas and battle friends. In this article we will see a strategy guide and cover how to play the game.


To play and win any game you need a well-defined strategy which make you victorious in your game plan.

Complete All Missions: It is important that you complete all your missions quickly so that you can unlock the various items that you’ll need later. The best way to reach new levels is to complete all missions.

Gain More Friends: Making more friends is an important aspect of the game as it helps you unlock more items and weapons. When you invite your facebook friend to join you make sure you send a short message as to why you want them to join this game.

Be a Ninja Saga Fan: Make sure you join some groups and fan pages on facebook. Such pages provide you great opportunity to make some new friends and you can also expect some friend requests.

Invite your Friends: Always take the advantage of the invite reward opportunity by clicking on the round icon located on the left side of the screen at the bottom. When you click on this icon you are treated with some special rewards for getting some invites for the ninja saga game. The special rewards include rune scrolls, a kotetsu katana, a genjutsu, a pet kame and 30,000 gold. These ninja rewards can be of great help to you especially if you are a new player.

Create a Ninja Saga Clan: After you have become a ninja saga clan member, make your clan size grow by inviting some more friends. You can also participate in clan battles and tournaments and gain more clan reputation. If you win a clan tournament, rewards will be given to all the members of your clan. If you are fond of playing good PC games.

Protect your Ninja Clan: If you have created or joined a ninja saga clan, make sure you take action or defend your clan if it’s in a battle. Otherwise your clan will lose reward points to the rival ninja clan.

Don’t Attack Level 1 Players: If you have reached the ninja saga level 5 status, you are authorized to enter the arena and battle other players. You might be tempted to fight tiny level one players to improve your ranking but avoid doing that. Many ninja saga level one players fill up their warrior with extremely powerful weapons to defeat you in a single strike.

Be a Wise Ninja Clan Master: If you have created your own ninja clan, you’ll become the clan master. As a clan master you have many responsibilities towards your ninja clan members. Try to manage your gold fund appropriately to invest that in your clan. To make more gold you need to build some clan buildings and train your clan members to be better fighters. Doing such things can increase your stamina, health points, chakra points and attack damage.

Ninja Saga Tips and Tricks

Check out some more tips and game cheats to make your ninja saga clan powerful and earn more rewards.

Winning Every Battle in PVP: Download the cheat engine 5.5, it only works with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Start your ninja saga and go for live pvp. Challenge an opponent and search for Mozilla Firefox on the top left of your screen where there is a small picture of a glowing computer. While facing an opponent, on your cheat engine enable speed hack and change your speed to 0. Your screen will be frozen until you disable speed hack but once you freeze the screen your opponent will eventually give up the battle as the hack will not go off until you disable it.

Best Elements: The best elements to choose are fire and lightning. If you want, you can also invest your points in the wind element.

Become a LVL 40: Purchase all the scrolls, weapons and equipment in ninja saga and complete the level #1.

Earn 4K to K in a Single Mission: If you are playing on level 13 or higher than that, play the mission of escaped criminals, finish it and then you will collect goodies that are worth a lot. Sell those goodies to the shop and earn 40,000 golds.

Free Taijutsu Skills: Earn another skill by launching on a quest of hardworking skill. Repeat that quest twice and get two taijutsu kills.

I hope you have enjoyed reading on ninja saga tips, you can use the above given game strategy and cheats and be the most respected ninja of your clan, however, if you want to have some honest fun in playing ninja saga use these cheat codes for PC games when required.

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