eBay Alternatives

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eBay Alternatives

Are you fed up with eBay? Do you think eBay is getting too expensive? If the answers to these questions is a resounding yes, then there are some alternatives to eBay that you could try out.

eBay is one of the largest online auction and shopping websites with millions of buyers and sellers registered on it. Established in the year 1995, eBay is a multi-billion dollar business that has localized operations in over thirty countries. Today it is one of the most popular online auction sites that allows people to trade things from the comfort of their homes. However, the continuous increase in the listing fees for sellers at eBay has forced many eBay users to consider other options. So for all those who are in search of eBay alternatives and other auction sites, we list out a few websites that you could possibly consider.

Top Alternatives to eBay

When you talk about alternatives that you could visit instead of eBay, you are referring to websites that offer similar services such as auctions, listings with fixed pricing, and hosted storefronts. But if these websites do not offer what you seek as a seller, you could also use websites that allow you to put up classifieds and access to other services for selling. Although eBay still remains one of the most popular online auction and shopping sites, there are several other sites that offer a good deal. Take a look.


Amazon is a great place to sell books, music DVDs, video games, and other electronics. This website does not charge any listing fees. However, they do charge selling fees depending on the item that has been put up. The main advantage of using Amazon is the high profit margin as compared to other similar websites. Studies have shown that shoppers on Amazon are willing to pay a higher price for products as compared to shoppers on eBay. The website is also extremely easy to navigate because of a well-designed and user-friendly layout. Just put up the item you want to sell, write a catchy description for it, and set your price.


An online auction and shopping website, uBid has on sale goods sold by the company directly and goods sold by established businesses certified under the uBid Certified Merchants program. This can be advantageous because a buyer can be sure that the product is legitimate. But because professional sellers put up products, getting a great bargain is slightly more difficult. Also the products on uBid are limited to computers, electronics, travel packages, home decor items, lifestyle products, and fine art. An attractive feature on uBid is the ‘My Page’ service that it offers which consolidates all the user’s activity in one place. This helps the user to keep track of a number of auctions at the same time.


Many users who are harried by the changes that eBay has made to its platform have heralded Bonanza as a viable option. Earlier known as Bonanzle, it changed its name in September 2010. The great thing about this auction and shopping website is that it allows you to negotiate in real time, lets you surf through different items that have been picked out, and even visit garage sales (virtual of course). Bonanza actually encourages you to have direct contact with the sellers. Also it provides free listings, multiple checkout options, and is just really simple to use.


eBid is a popular online auction and shopping website that was started in 1998. It has often been considered a brilliant eBay alternative because of its large target base and easy-to-use operating style. As of today, the website operates in as many as 21 countries for sellers and 100 countries for buyers. Registration is free and there is no listing fees for a basic auction. They charge decent final selling fees for selling products online. They also offer three different membership levels with a recurring fee annually and an option of paying for a lifetime membership.


A great alternative to eBay, eCRATER is not an auction website but more of a shopping site. Many users describe it as an online shopping mall that allows users to look at all products put up on sale by registered users, at one place. Sellers can choose to have a custom online store. Putting up listings and creating stores does not cost the seller a penny. In order to list products on the website, one needs to be a registered seller, should advertise only in English, charge rates in US dollars only, and charge a minimal rate of USD 0.20. It is also essential that the seller be able to ship products throughout the United States.


Craigslist may not have the same business model as eBay but it is definitely a viable alternative and great competition. It is more of a classifieds service to sell items more locally. There is no fee charged for listing or selling. The downside though is that users may take a little time getting used to the lack of automation which is offered by most auction sites. It has a huge user base so it can be a highly lucrative option for sellers.

Other great alternatives to eBay include Oztion, Blujay, HiBidder, Hoobly, My Auction Planet, OLX, and WeBidz. These were some of the best eBay alternatives for sellers. All it needs is a little bit of research to find the one that is perfect for you. If nothing seems to be working, try newspaper classifieds! There are a lot of people who read the newspaper listings with their morning coffee. I’m sure you will manage to find some buyers there.

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