New Bejeweled Blitz

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New Bejeweled Blitz

The new Bejeweled Blitz is back in action on the most popular social networking site, Facebook. It has new improved looks, intense-attractive colors, plus special shining gems to allure your gaming interest even more. So read all about this game in this Techspirited article.

Besides the ever-refreshing FarmVille and Mafia Wars for people to indulge themselves on Facebook, comes the new Bejeweled Blitz for the excitement to stay undiminished. This is a one-minute computer game, consisting of an 8 x 8 grid of jewels and gems besides a few objectives to keep at hand while playing this amazing game. The main aim of this game is to match the same colored jewels/gems present on the board to bag a high score. Well, learning how to get a high score on this game isn’t a real deal to crack. At first, the whole game looks all impossible and tough to get through, but once you learn the proper strategy and techniques, you will be signing challenges with your opponents, practically every single day at home.

History of New Bejeweled Blitz

This game is a popular Facebook application, now running widely all across the globe. Originally, it was created by the famous U.S. Video game company called PopCap Games. The new version is the 4th reprising version in this game series. In the books of gaming history, this game, as an application, made its first appearance on the world’s famous social networking site, Facebook. It’s also seen that in 2010, this game made 60-minute trial downloads available for people and kids to have non-stop fun.

Well, before we move ahead with essaying the new tips and techniques, let us take an overview on the layout of this game.

Playing the Game

The general layout of this game is to align 3 or more similar colored new gems in one single line on the board, so that they collapse immediately on clicking. The gems are shaped and colored differently on the whole grid. The main aim is to swap the gems with the neighboring gem, either vertically or horizontally, to form a chain of three or more similar colored gems.

When these chain of similar colored gems are formed in a line, they automatically collapse down, giving you points and coins in turn. The whole game is supposed to be played in a one-minute time period. All the points are tallied after the game is over. You have a chance to earn a good score and more points while the game is on. Keep a quick eye, good coordination, a few amazing tricks and strategies at hand and you are sure to hit the high score. By knowing certain new cheat and hack codes, you can considerably play a fair game and beat all the opponent scores.

Some Cheat Codes

Trust me, at some point of time, it gets really intimidating to see your friends or opponents constantly beating you with high scores. But if you learn these new hack cheat codes soon, you too will know how to win at Bejeweled Blitz and coin a mark for scoring good.

  • Shift + Click – this is to turn the gems into Power Gems.
  • Ctrl + Click – this is to turn the gems into a Score Multiplier Gem.
  • Alt + Click – this is to turn the gems into a Hyper Gem.
  • 1…7 + Click – this is to turn a gem into the Neighboring colored gem.

So, here were some basic cheat codes and new secrets, which you can remember and keep at hand whilst the game is on. Moving further, here are a few pointers I have put together, so that implementing these techniques gets easier and piling up scores gets simpler.

Boosters and Coins

In this new version, boosts and coins are an exciting facility, tha’s like an add-on to this game. By clicking the yellow gems, coins are easy to earn. In this manner, you can collect loads of coins in between the game, like the ‘Last Hurray’, without actually rushing for it. Now for purchasing ‘boosts’, these earned coins can be used. They are kind of ‘powerups’ that are known to last for next 3 games. So take a look at the powers:

  • Mystery Gem: It gives a special (random) gem at the start of the game.
  • Reshufflers: It clears the grid if you get stuck somewhere.
  • Detonators: Detonators can be triggered anytime, in between the game to clear out a line of gems at one time.
  • Five More Seconds: This no doubt, gives you five more seconds!
  • Moonstone: It gives you an extra game advantage with 3 star gems (row and column).
  • Multiplier Kickstarts: It gives a multiplier gem at the start of the game just to increase your score more quickly.

This game is stuffed with fun and excitement which can actually relax you after a long day’s work. It’s a game posing good competition, great scoring options and most importantly, tests your hand-eye coordination. Do not let all these tips and cheat codes constantly hover your mind. Make sure you keep your cool and try not to miss on the ‘fun’ factor while you play the game.

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