Netbook Games List

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Netbook Games List

If you have just bought a gaming netbook for yourself, I’m pretty sure that you would be very interested in knowing the netbook games list. Learn which are the best games to play on your favorite gaming netbook…

So you’ve just got rid of your old laptop and moved on to a new netbook. It is exciting to hold the new mini-laptop in your hands for the first time, isn’t it? It is just amazing how technology has changed the world in such short time. Before, we used to do all our work on our large and bulky desktops. You would have to make place to just fit your CPU and monitor. Then eventually technology advanced more, and brought laptops in the market. It was like your own portable computer.

Today what you see in the market is more portable and compact than your average laptop, it is called the netbook. You might have probably seen these netbooks in the market nowadays, almost everyone is buying them because of their small size, light weight, and smooth running. One of the main reasons why most people are buying netbooks is for playing games, as netbooks have a long battery life. Gamers, no matter where they go, they need some hours of gaming action in a day. So here is an article on netbook games list for you guys.

Best Netbook Games

All the following mentioned games should work fine on a modern netbook. However, it is advised that you check the configuration of your netbook and see that it is well equipped to play the current HD games available in the market.

World of Goo

Probably one of the best netbook games for kids, World of Goo is an exciting puzzle game with amazing characters and charm. You play the game by building towers with blobs of goo. Remember that you have to put most blobs in the pipe so that they reach at the top-level. The first few levels are for practice which makes you familiar with the mechanics of the game and as you move ahead you the level of difficulty increases and so does your concentration level. It is one of the best puzzle games in which the concept is plain and simple but the puzzles keep getting more and more complicated. You can play World of Goo on Windows and Linux both, so I don’t think you will face any trouble getting this game on your netbook.


Going to be one of the best netbook games 2011, Rage is undoubtedly one of the best First Person Shooter games (FPS) this season. The game features exciting new combat battles and some amazing graphics and sounds. You can also enjoy some dusty post apocalyptic settings which fires up the excitement level. Coming out in September, I’m pretty sure that Rage is definitely going to be a great game to play..

Half Life

No list of netbook games can be completed without Half Life. It is one of the highest selling action games of all time and continues to be a favorite among many gaming fans. You would obviously need more than a basic netbook to play Half Life, this First Person Shooter game has also received lots of critical acclaim for its graphics, storytelling and music. Still known as the original FPS game, Half Life is a perfect way to kill time on a boring weekend or flight.


A brilliant effort by Runic Games, and the creators of Diablo, Max and Erich Schaefer. Torchlight is a game which is ideal to play for a short session and the best part is it comes with the option of netbook mode in the Settings Menu. I would recommend a mouse for playing this game, as the level gets quite competitive in the dungeons level. The game is not at all confusing, like most action games, and does an excellent job of keeping the player entertained by its amazing tools and new features. Perfect for a long and lazy weekend.

Great Netbook Games List

Here’s a decent list of some more netbook games. Let me warn you that this list is a mixture of old and new games which you can play easily on your netbook.

  • Quake III: Arena
  • Warcraft III
  • Peggle Complete
  • Ultimate Doom
  • Geometry Wars
  • Dungeon Keeper 2
  • Sims 2
  • TrackMania Nations Forever
  • GTA: Vice City
  • LucasArts Classic Line
  • Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Popular People
  • Medieval: Total War
  • Robokill
  • QuakeLive
  • World of Warcaft
  • Anything on SCUMM
  • Dragon Age II
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
  • Crysis 2
  • Dead Space 2
  • Men of War: Assault Squad
  • Bloodline Champions
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2
  • WRC: FIA World Rally Championship
  • Magicka

Hope this article on netbook games list was resourceful. Most of the time netbooks are bought for entertainment purposes or browsing the web. Before purchasing any one of these games make sure that your netbooks support their configuration.

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