Ways to Download NDS ROMs

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Ways to Download NDS ROMs

There are many sites that offer NDS ROM downloads. This article provides directions on how to go about downloading them.

When I talk about downloading Nintendo DS games, I do not refer to illegal ways of going about it. I am also not referring to gaming sites that offer ROM downloads, filled with malicious software. No, I am talking about legal and safe ways of downloading them.

Before downloading the ROMs, you first need to have the right accessories. You will need a DS flash card that will provide you with extra memory. You should invest in either R4, M3, or Edge DS flash cards that are not only inexpensive, but also help you store your games.

Once you have these cards, you need to type ‘download NDS ROMs‘ in popular search engines. These sites will provide you with inexhaustible options of free or paid ROMs to download. You can download them from sites that are reliable, as well as safe.

Authentic Sites

How do you distinguish between authentic and fraudulent sites that offer downloads?

You can differentiate between them, by checking if they offer full versions of Nintendo DS games. Most sites only offer trial versions. These files are full of viruses and malicious software, that may crash your computers. So, it is better to exercise caution, when it comes to downloading from these sites.

You can think about websites that ask for a one-time membership fee for downloads. These sites are also more likely to be authentic. Also, these sites offer full versions of the NDS ROMs and latest games. However, there are many fraudsters who may con you into paying them. Make sure you research thoroughly about these sites, before you make any payments.

Once you have taken the necessary precautions, you should download NDS ROMs in winzip or winrar file format. You should add them to your DS flash cards by connecting them to your PC. Then plug them into your Nintendo DS and enjoy playing the games.

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