6 Must-have Tablet Accessories

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6 Must-have Tablet Accessories

Today, the market is flooded with a wide variety of accessories for tablets. This Techspirited article gives you a comprehensive list of must-have accessories for your tablet.

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According to Forrester Research, a popular market research company, there are expected to be about 82.1 million adult users of tablets in the United States by 2015.

Tablets have been quite a rage in recent years, with most big guns of the mobile industry trying to cash in on this highly lucrative segment. With phablets finding their way to the market, industry insiders initially termed tablets to be just a passing fad which would soon die down.

However, there has been a steady rise in their demand, and all talks about tablets dying a slow but certain death have since been laid to rest. Phablets and tablets have both learned to coexist and have their own set of lovers and haters. Tabs, with their larger screen estate, offer an unmatched user experience and strike a perfect balance between mobility and performance.

Tablets these days pack in a lot of features, but it is the additional accessories that help you get the most out of your device. If you too have your heart set on a tablet, you might want to scan through the list given below of must-have tablet accessories to make your device perform to its true potential.

Tablet Case
Nobody wants a scratched or scuffed tablet, but accidents do happen. While you can’t completely avoid accidental drops of your precious tab, you can definitely ensure that it emerges unscathed from the fall. Tablet cases are a perfect mate for all those with butter fingers. It shields your device from the nasty scrape marks and dents, and even adds to the overall look of the tablet.

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Screen Guard
This might seem like the most basic of things to consider, but it probably also is the most important one as well. Tablets, these days, have screens so beautiful that they almost seem like a window into another vivid and beautiful world. These displays usually have a protective layer of glass, which protects them from light scratches. Over time though, scratches appear on the screen affecting its visibility. The only way to fix this would be to change the screen itself, which would cost a lot of money. Instead, having a screen guard or protector would save your screen from scratches, and they are rather inexpensive to replace.

Our pick
ZAGG invisibleSHIELD
Moshi iVisor XT (iPad only)

Bluetooth Speakers
Of late, most manufacturers have been churning out tablets which are powerful enough to control a spaceship (that’s hardly a surprise considering most tabs are powered by the Android army!). Even the build quality of most tablets is pretty solid, which lends a premium look to it. Most OEMs, however, seem to overlook one key factor―audio quality. It’s a pity how so many tablets with some fantastic specs and great multimedia prowess have such mediocre speakers on them. Never fear though, a good pair of Bluetooth speakers may just save you from the blues. Portable speakers lend quite a punch to your tablet, and make for an incredible multimedia experience. These are an absolute must-have for all audiophiles out there who love to carry their music library with them all the time.

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Bluetooth Keyboard
Tablets usually have a decent on-screen keyboard that handles most text input without much of a hassle. However, if you are a heavy texter, the virtual keyboard may not quite suit you. Bluetooth keyboards, with their superior tactile feedback and accuracy beautifully complement your tablet, and in fact, save space that is usually taken up by the on-screen keyboard. These are usually rather compact and light, and can be carried around with ease.

Our pick
Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard
Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Attachable Camera Lens
How often have you missed out on a perfect shot just because you don’t have your trusty SLR by your side? Carrying too many gadgets on you can be quite a hassle, unless of course, you love walking around in 6-pocket pants with a gadget in each of the pockets. Most tablets come with a just about decent camera at the back, while others skip it altogether. For those of you who rue the fact that their tablets just don’t take good enough photos, not all hope is lost. External lenses are now available for your device, which deliver superior quality images and provide great control over the camera. These standalone cameras snap on to the back of your tab, and wirelessly connect with it. Your tablet acts as the viewfinder for the attached lens, which has its own battery and manual controls. This makes for a great accessory for those who want the best of both worlds―great tablet experience with an unmatched camera.

Our pick
Sony DSC-QX100

Battery Pack
If you are a fan of watching movies and videos on the go, on the beautiful wide screen of your tablet, only one thing stands between you and a wonderful movie experience―battery life. Manufacturers, these days, tend to pack their tablets with large batteries to see them through the day. These batteries, however, may not have quite enough juice to see you through a movie marathon. Battery packs are a perfect solution, and add extra muscle to your tablet’s battery, extending it by up to twice the regular battery life. These packs are very portable and are available in different battery capacities. Just plug a battery pack into your tablet, and sit back and watch movies till the break of dawn.

Our pick
Anker Astro Series
Energizer XP Series

It would be wrong to term these add-ons to a tablet as accessories, as they almost completely transform the device. While tablets are bound to become more powerful, more attention is bound to be paid to their shortcomings. There are bound to be areas where these super devices would be found wanting. With these trusty accessories by their side though, things would undoubtedly look better.

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