Music Apps for iPad

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Music Apps for iPad

Listen, customize, format, create, and celebrate music, with the craziest apps available for iPad, and set the volumes high. Boogie down and groove!

So, what is it that tempted you on buying the Apple iPad? The brand? The looks? The functionality? Well, only if you knew what this superb product is capable of, the first thing that you’d say would be Music, and why not? The top iPad apps have enough to feed you for your musical appetite. While we thought that the various apps for iPad would come up with just some transformation in this field, who knew that this phenomenal tablet PC from Apple, would turn out to be the mainstream for music apps all over the world?

Best Applications for Music Lovers

Even though there are countless such applications in the App Store, discussed below are the best of the lot. Don’t worry about your pockets, some of them won’t cost you even a cent.

TabTool Kit: Your Personalized Music Stand!

Do you want to learn guitar for free? TabTool Kit is what you must have on your iPad. This Apple Design Awards 2010 winner is a portable guitar tablature, which also helps in viewing notations with a multi-track playback. What’s more, it efficiently helps in learning and practicing, and is inclusive of audio synthesis engine for all sorts of control over audio. Now you can learn to play instruments without much paperwork, as this terrific app offering power and portability puts forth a fantastic way of learning and performing sheet music.

StreamToMe: Stream to Whatever!

So, whether it is your TV, your Mac, or your PC, StreamToMe lets you use anything to play both audio as well as video, in a wide variety of formats. The most striking thing about it is that you need to convert the files to the respective device format in order to play music. All you need to do is just touch, and it will start playing within 5 seconds. This is one of the best apps, chiefly because of its user-friendliness and compatibility.

Pianist Pro: 88 Keys!

Recommended by The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, and what not, the upgraded, or should I say, the much more professional version of the iPhone Piano, Pianist Pro for iPad, is still the number one choice all over the world. It may not be free (costs around $9.99), but its phenomenal capabilities will make you fall for it. You can press 10 keys out of the 88 at a time which give a feel of a real piano. A handful of alternative instruments such as organs, guitars, synths, etc., provide an all new feel of a live performance.

Pandora: Radio Jockey Buttoned Down!

So, you are not fond of creating lists of your most played songs, are you? Well, Pandora Radio device is one hell of an app that streams music onto your device easily. You just have to type the name of your favorite artists or songs, and Pandora will intelligently create your station, that plays their songs. Just so you know, Pandora Radio is one of the most acknowledged apps in the US.

GrooveMaker: Beat Box and More!

Do much more than just listening to music and shuffling lists of your favorite songs! The all new GrooveMaker allows you to create your customized full-length tracks, beats, compositions, remixes, loops, etc., only for you to groove. Now you can use this app in parties, workouts, and anywhere you feel like celebrating. This one’s again not free of cost, and is sold by genre with 300 loops, costing $9.99 each. However, it’s your sure-shot entry into the world of groove!

While the above were some of the best and most downloaded apps, allow me to share some more. Here they are:

  • Shiny Drum
  • BeatWave
  • SoundDrop
  • Virtuoso Piano
  • Smule’s Magic Piano
  • Guitar Lab
  • iElectribe
  • iBone
  • EasyBeats LGR
  • bleep!BOX

So, that’s all about the most sought after music apps. There are many others available, but which are not included here. However, the ones that are discussed above are all ranked as the best ones.

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