Cheap iPad Accessories

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Cheap iPad Accessories

There are many iPad accessories that you can make use of, in order to improve its functionality. This article talks about some affordable accessories, which are currently available in the market.

The Apple iPad has revolutionized the tablet PC market segment. It is a 9.7 inch device, that does not have the full portability of a smartphone, nor does it have the full functionality of a laptop or a desktop. Then what is the reason behind it being so popular?

The answer lies in the fact that this device is supplementary to our laptop and desktop computers. The iPad is not meant to replace these devices like many people first thought. There are plenty of reasons to get one, but the primary reason is that this a device that grants the user some great features when he/she is traveling and is on the move. The large screen makes it a very attractive option for multimedia content and for working with spreadsheets, presentations, and word editors.

Best Buy Accessories for your iPad

Once you understand the relevance of the Apple iPad, it is very unlikely that you will turn your back on it. This article is for people who have already embraced this wonderful gadget, and are looking for some cheap accessories to make the device easier to carry, and more personalized. You can purchase these accessories from official Apple stores, but you will end up paying premium prices there. The next best bet is the Internet, and online shopping portals, like Amazon and Ebay, are the places where you should be looking for the best deals on the following products.


The best iPad cases will help you carry it around with ease, and it will also protect it from damage. Moreover, you can also opt for some trendy and stylish cases for this purpose.

  • ChiTek Leather Case for $6.00
  • CTCStore Leather Carrying Case Cover for $8.00
  • Leather Carrying Case from Amazon for $3.50
  • Silicone Skin Case from Amazon for $2.00
  • Acase Premium Series Carrying Case for $11.00


For some people, it can be pretty hard to type on the virtual QWERTY keyboard on the iPad, due to its large spacing. Increasing typing speeds on this device is very difficult. For this purpose, you can choose from many different keyboard docks available in the market. These resemble your regular computer keyboards, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find them cheap in many stores.

  • KeyCase Folio for $90.00
  • Apple Keyboard Dock for $69.00
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard Dock for $69.00


There are many people who would like to listen to music on the iPad, but unfortunately, the speakers on the device are not very loud. For this purpose, you can go ahead and buy some speakers, but you must know all that you can about how to buy speakers beforehand.

  • iLuv iSP100BLK Mini Portable Speaker for $20.00
  • Chill Pill Speakers for $49.95
  • Altec Lansing inMotion SoundBlade for $51.99
  • Yamaha NX-A01BL Compact Cube for $53.99
  • Motorola EQ7 for $59.99


iPad docks are useful for connecting it to a variety of other devices. These docks can also be used for syncing purposes, and we suggest you buy the official dock for this purpose. These docks top the list of must have accessories, and even though you will get many docks as accessories, the official one is the most useful. This will cost you $29, and according to many reviews, it is the best dock that is available in the market today.

Apart from the accessories mentioned here, you can purchase many more affordable accessories for an iPad from a multitude of sources. The popularity of the device means that new accessories will always keep popping up, and you will find some interesting devices like a mouse, stylus, USB charger, and many other devices to choose from.

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