Most Popular Ringtones

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Most Popular Ringtones

Looking for the most popular ringtones for your cell phone? Then my advice to you is to read this Techspirited article as it lists of some of the best ringtones that more and more people are downloading today.

Even five years back, the craze for ringtones was not as much as it is now. Each week, people change their ringtones nearly 30 times and I am not joking. Some set it according to their mood. Some set it according to their personality, while some set it according to the caller. People no longer want the same boring tones as their ringtones. They want something that will attract others (mainly the opposite gender) attention.

Want to learn more about the popular ringtones that millions of people around the world love to use? Given below is a list that is peppy and is sure to attract some ‘good’ attention from others when your mobile phone rings the next time.

Ringtones You’ll Love

When you are in the bus and your phone suddenly starts ringing, what is the normal human reaction? Let the phone ring for sometime, let everyone hear your ringtone for couple of seconds, before you receive the call. Everyone wants others to hear and appreciate their ringtone (that’s a common natural instinct of man ever since the craze for new ringtones has set in). So, let them listen to some of the grooviest ringtones instead of something that is boring or outdated, or worse, irritating.

  • Waka Waka – Shakira
  • Right Round – Flo Rida
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  • Down – Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
  • Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams
  • Spotlight – Jennifer Hudson
  • My Life be Like – The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
  • Bebot – The Black Eyed Peas
  • Just Dance – Lady Gaga ft. Colby O’Donis
  • Best of Both Worlds – Miley Cyrus
  • Avatar Theme
  • Harry Potter Theme
  • Golden Eye James Bond Theme
  • Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
  • Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven – Kenny Chesney
  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  • All I Ever Wanted – Basshunter
  • Around the World – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Mission Impossible Theme
  • Godfather Theme
  • The Unforgiven – Metallica
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
  • Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake
  • Rockstar – Nickelback
  • Californication – Red Hot Chili Pepper
  • The Man Who Sold the World – Nirvana
  • You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Theme
  • I Know You Want Me – Pitbull
  • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • When You Were Young – The Killers
  • Dumb – Nirvana
  • I Want to Live – John Denver
  • Can’t Leave Em Alone – Ciara ft. 50 Cent
  • Cum On Feel the Noize – Quiet Riot
  • Breaking the Habit – Linkin Park
  • Valentine’s Day – Linkin Park
  • I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas
  • Super Mario Brother’s Game Theme
  • Miss Independent – Ne-Yo
  • Mrs. Officer – Lil Wayne ft. Bobby Valentino
  • Sandstorm – Darude
  • Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple
  • In Da Club – 50 Cent
  • Raindrops Prelude – Chopin
  • Superman – Eminem ft. Dina Rae
  • Numb – Linkin Park
  • South Park Sound Clips
  • Get Low – Lil’ Joh
  • Hotel California – Eagles
  • Here Without You – 3 Doors Down
  • The Addams Family Theme Song
  • November Roses – Guns N’ Roses
  • Exorcist Theme
  • Pick Up Yo Phone – Mr. T
  • Lonely – Akon

These ringtones are not at all irritating and they are sure to make all those around you sit up and listen. Choose one of your own choice and download them and then keep them as your phone identity.

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