Tips and Tricks to Play Mafia Wars

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Tips and Tricks to Play Mafia Wars

Playing Mafia Wars and staying ahead of the pack takes a lot of guile. Here are some tips that will definitely improve your game play.

Mafia wars is the latest game on Facebook to gain worldwide popularity. Millions of people are playing this game to earn more virtual money and rule the family. You can recruit new members from your Facebook friends list that will help your mafia family grow. Slowly and steadily, with the right moves, you will be able to buy properties, make money and even fight. You can continuously earn money, stamina, health and see your family grow by leaps and bounds. In order to achieve the ultimate power in the game, players are always searching for tips and tricks. Here is a short guide.

Useful Tips for the Mafioso

Use the following tips to advance faster and enjoy playing the game even more.

Family Growth

More the family members you have, stronger is your mob. You need to keep inviting friends and family on Facebook to join your mob. You can invite all your friends to join or link to other players on ‘add me’ pages on Facebook, or you can reciprocate when players ask you to join their mob family. This will help in growing your family.

Defend Your Family

As a mob boss, you need to ensure that each and every member of your family has the weapons and tools to defend themselves. You need to make sure each member has the appropriate vehicles and weapons, as and when your wealth grows. When the funds are running low initially, the boss should focus on wealth accumulation. This will help in taking care of the family. Once wealth grows, the boss focuses on defense, by purchasing appropriate weapons.

Growing Your Wealth

The following tips will help the boss build up wealth quickly.

  • The boss needs to purchase low-cost properties during the initial levels. The best choice is Mafia Mike’s Deli, but you can choose from other options, depending on your family.
  • As your wealth increases, purchase high-end properties. Make sure you purchase as many as possible, in one go, as the price increases for the next purchase.
  • If you are investing in many sophisticated weapons and vehicles, you need to plan out strategies that will cover your expenses, and will not hinder your cash flow.

Energy Pack

The energy packs are just as important as money. If you are not going to have any energy, you cannot run a mob. You need to receive an energy pack. If you do not get it, you need to ask for an energy pack from your family members. Be sure to return the favor next time, when someone asks for help. The tip in this case is using up all your energy, before you move onto the advanced level. This helps in increasing your energy stats in the game.

Mafia Jobs

You need to take up the right jobs to get some cash to start with. But a new player on New York streets needs to be a tough cookie. You need to find jobs that are scarce and need weapons to be bought from the inventory section. So, how do you get cash to buy the weapons and complete a job? Well, first you can start fights that help in building your bank balance and experience.

This increases your chances of winning, but now you will have to spend on hospital bills to regain your health. You need to keep mugging or follow the job increase method. This will help you buy a crowbar and carry out a corner store holdup. That in turn, will help you collect enough cash to buy a .45 caliber pistol. Keep taking up jobs and building your bank balance, along with experience, to level up. Remember that you need a mob family of 10 or more members.

Leveling Up and Profile Points

Whenever any of your character attributes is leveled up, you need to refill fully and gain 5 profile points. This helps in strengthening your character stats and adds six different attributes. These attributes are Attack, Defense, Health, Stamina, Influence, and Energy. You should spend all the 5 points initially, to be able to perform more jobs. This will help you in gaining experience, as well as money.

As you move to higher levels, there are more jobs available and each job has a blue leveling bar. When the blue bar is full, you have completed your level and will be awarded a profile point. These points should be spent on strengthening your attack or defense attributes. This will be very helpful during fights and when you are being attacked. Each job will earn you, not only profile points, but give you experience, weapons, items, and cash.

Free Daily Chance

You get to win a free daily chance ticket everyday. This helps you choose 6 numbers and enter a lottery. You have the chance to win free Godfather points and loot items when the lottery is drawn, every 7 days. You can also opt for a Daily Chance progress bar, that gives you an opportunity to earn a free prize. It has six levels and if you do not claim a prize every day, you can fill a Daily Chance ticket. The bar goes up by one and you have the opportunity to win better free prizes.

You should not claim a free prize till the bar level is at 6 or is completely full. Once this happens, you need to click the claim item button and get up to 5 godfather points for free and get a chance to win many different useful prizes.

Bank Your Money

Once you earn lots of money, never keep it with yourself. You need to keep it safe in the security of a bank. Or else, other mob families will keep challenging you and you could end up losing your money. Hence, playing safe is the best strategy.

Just keep trying new strategies to gather maximum family members, wealth, and experience. Mafia wars is all about having fun, so go ahead, and plan your own strategies to move ahead.

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