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LCD Projection TV Troubleshooting

If you have an LCD projection TV that is not working properly, you can take a look at the problems mentioned below to troubleshoot the issue.
Ujwal Deshmukh
Technological advancements in the recent years have introduced us to many new types of gadgets and entertainment devices. LCD projection TVs are a small, yet important part of this technological revolution!
Advancement in technology comes with its share of problems. Be it this TV or another ordinary television set, at the end of the day, these are all machines and therefore are prone to problems and defects.
Now, repairing an LCD TV can be a costly affair, as the mechanism is quite complex and requires a professional, who is specialized in dealing with such problems. However, a little knowledge can help you save a lot of money and cure the problem at your home itself. Here's how.
Troubleshooting LCD Projection TV Problems
Frequent Episodes of TV Shutting Down
Well, the most common problem that many owners complain is that their TV shuts off at random intervals. Imagine how irritating this could be, when you are watching your favorite football contest and the TV shuts down at once! This problem occurs when the TV overheats.
The easiest and probably the best primary solution to this problem is to take out the heat generating devices fitted inside the TV that are resulting in its frequent overheating.
Deteriorated Picture Quality
By this it don't mean that the picture disappears completely! However, in this, your LCD projection TV would not be able to display a clear picture. The picture would appear blurred. This might happen if any of the cables behind the projection have loosened.
Well, if this is the cause, then you need to move the coax cable to and fro. The image might wave or shake a bit. If this happens, then either the cable connection is loose or you have to replace the coax cable.
Screen Having Stuck Pixels
Another common problem encountered is that of the stuck pixels. Repairing it is very easy, in fact anyone with a bit of common sense can do it! The backlight present in the LCD screen energizes the liquid component, which is spread throughout the various pixels in screen.
Sometimes there might be a malfunctioning in this energizing activity and this can further result into a stuck pixel anywhere on the screen. So now your task is to energize the pixels. Simple, just take a blunt pencil and touch it with the screen gently.
Now, the actual challenge over here is to put sufficient pressure, but at the same time be gentle, because if excess pressure is put, it can develop a scratch or puncture the LCD screen, thus increasing unnecessary complications.
LCD projection TV troubleshooting is quite a simple job, if you know the problems well and are confident enough to repair them. However, whenever you are in doubt, you need to call up a professional or preferably the company's authorized mechanic and get your TV repaired.