Tips to Extend Laptop Battery Life

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Tips to Extend Laptop Battery Life

Weak or average battery life is one of the main problems that’s faced by today’s laptop users. Here are some tips that will help you extend it.

Nowadays, laptops are being used by a majority of people in the working class. These portable computers can be taken wherever we go and used as per our needs. However, even if it is a laptop computer, it has its own share of problems.

And one of the most worrisome problems that bothers users is short battery life. Though laptop manufacturers and brands claim to have long life laptop batteries in their models, they sometimes do not live up to expectations.

Tips to Get the Best Laptop Battery Life

Stop Using or Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

There are many unnoticeable applications running in the background, which eat up a lot of computer memory, as well as battery power. For best efficiency, it is recommended that you stop the running of such programs. It is also suggested that you uninstall programs which you do not or rarely use. Doing so will keep the power usage to a minimum.

Adjust Screen Brightness

If the laptop computer’s screen brightness is high, it requires more battery. For saving power, it is recommended that you reduce the brightness to a dimmer level. However, make sure that the text and pictures on the screen are clearly visible to you.

Clean the Laptop

Cleaning the screen of a computer

To make the battery last longer, you not only have to make internal adjustments to the settings and programs, but you will also have to clean the laptop from outside. Make sure that you clean the battery, with a clean cloth, using an alcohol-based liquid cleaner.

Deactivate the Wireless Card and Bluetooth

If you are not using the Internet or Bluetooth, it is better to deactivate them. Keeping them on unnecessarily will drain the battery substantially. Likewise, remove and cancel the function of all devices and hardware that are not used currently.

Monitor the Working Temperature

Always keep a watch on the temperature levels at which you are using the laptop. The hotter the notebook computer gets, the more the integrated fans will have to function to keep it cool.

Make sure the laptop is being used in a properly ventilated space; and not in a closed place such as underneath a blanket, in a closed car, and on any other soft material where airflow to the laptop’s base is hindered.

Other Steps

To not let your work halt in between, it is a good idea to keep a reserve battery in your laptop bag. There are many other things that can help in keeping the battery going on for a good period of time. You should defragment the computer hard drive at regular intervals, so that all functions are smooth and take lesser time, resulting in low power usage.

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