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How to Reset Forgotten Windows XP Password?

How to Reset Forgotten Windows XP Password?

I recently forgot Windows XP password and had a harrowing time retrieving it. Are you also facing a similar problem? Let's see how to do it....
Bhakti Satalkar
We will see how to retrieve the forgotten Windows XP login password, but would you not want to try a quicker way out? Most of the passwords, even the most complicated ones, are often inspired by people, places, things, dates in our personal or professional life. Here are some of the questions, which may probably help you to find the forgotten login password for Windows XP. Your password may have something to do with your name. The most commonly used passwords are a combination of the user's name and surname or something similar. Does that ring any bells? It may be the name of a beloved family member or the name of your closest friend? An alternative could be your child's birth date, with his or her name or the birth date of your loved one. Alternatively, it can also be only the birthday. Your password can in some way be related to your office or home address or may be a frequently dialed phone number. What is your favorite dish? May be this time, you tried to be creative and made a password with the name of the dish? There are some memories from our childhood that are very dear to us. Did you use any such memory to make your password this time? May be this time, you decided to use the name of your pet as your password? If none of the options I just mentioned worked positively for you, you will have to indeed try the high-tech method.

Reset Password

There are two ways which you can use to reset the password.

Forgot User Password
When we install Windows on our machine, it automatically creates a default account with the name 'Administrator' and sets it password to blank.
  • To reset the user password that you have forgotten, start the system and when you see the Windows Welcome screen or the login screen, press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys twice.
  • With this, the classic login box will appear.
  • Now you will make use of the Administrator account that the system had created by the machine. Type in 'Administrator' in the username text box and leave the password field blank. Then press enter.
  • With this you will be able to log into the system. Now is the time for password reset.
  • Go to 'Control Panel', then go to 'User Accounts' and change the password from the option 'Reset Password'. If you start the machine in the safe mode, you will use the same steps.
Forgot Administrator Password

If you have forgotten the Administrator password, you have a longer procedure to follow. You will need the Windows XP setup CD for the same.
  • Boot the system using the Windows XP setup CD and follow the instructions, like accepting EULA, etc.
  • You will come to an option where the system will ask you to repair existing Windows installation. Accept it and then press the 'R' key to run the repair version.
  • Once the repair is done, the system will restart. When the system restarts, do not press any key, even if the system says 'Press any key to continue...'. If you press any key, the setup will start from the beginning, but if you do not press any key, the set up will resume from where it left.
  • Keep an eye on the screen when you see 'Installing devices' on the progress bar, press Shift + F10 key on the keyboard.
  • With this the Command Prompt window will appear.
  • Type nusrmgr.cpl on the command prompt and press Enter.
  • When the 'User Accounts' window will appear,you will have the option of either removing or resetting the password.
There are also some utilities that are available in the market which you can make use of. However, this also means that your system is not safe as you would really want it to be. Maybe Microsoft will take some time to overcome the loophole.