Kinect Dance Games

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Kinect Dance Games

This article will tell you about some of the most popular Kinect dance games that have been developed. The act of playing these games with the advanced motion sensor of the Kinect platform is pure and unadulterated bliss.

The Microsoft Kinect is a revolutionary new gaming platform that is compatible only with the Xbox 360 console. Motion gaming started making headways in the market a few years ago with the introduction of the Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft soon realized that they too needed a leeway in this market to maintain their excellent Xbox 360 sales figures. So they got to work and came up with something totally new and innovative which is going to change the face of the gaming world for years to come.

Unlike the Wii, and even the Sony PlayStation Move, the Kinect does not require the gamer to hold any kind of controller in his hand. ‘You are the controller’ was their promotional tagline and this sums it up perfectly. The platform involves the use of a motion sensing camera that detects all the gestures that the gamer makes within a fixed radius, and it also recognized voice commands to provide a gaming experience that is unmatched.

What this literally means is that the gamer just needs to wave his hands and move his body within the radius of the motion sensor, and his avatar in the game will replicate those exact actions and utilize them within the game. This is something out of the sci-fi movies that we have seen, and the actual physical act of playing a video game in this manner is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Top Dance Games on Kinect

Dance games are the video games that have seemingly benefited the most from this technology since the ability to actually have the avatar carry out all the dance moves exactly as the gamer performs them, is priceless. This has given a greater sense of realism to these games and has made it even more enjoyable for the gamer. Moreover, these games give the gamer a full-fledged dance routine workout, so it is effectively a great form of aerobic exercise as well.

Dance Central

This is one of the best dancing games for the Kinect, and its accurate tutorials make it a great game for someone who wishes to learn how to dance properly as well. The only downside here is that the moves are turn based, so multiple gamers cannot dance simultaneously. This makes it a rather inappropriate game for families to play together, but the vibrant hip-hop feel to the game makes it a very enjoyable and attractive proposition. There are tons of great songs from years gone by, and you can purchase this game for around $50. The game was released in the US in November 2010, has been developed by Harmonix Music Systems and was published by MTV Games.

Dance Masters

Also known as Dance Evolution, this game was released in the US in November 2010, and it has been developed and published by Konami, the creators of Dance Dance Central, the original dancing video game. The biggest advantage here is the avatar that you see on the screen will be a direct replica of you, so you can actually see yourself dancing in real time. The simultaneous multiplayer mode is good, and the game has a very nightclub feel to it, keeping in accordance with the original dance mat type video games.

Dance Paradise

The multiplayer modes offered in this game make it an excellent purchase for families, but the slightly technical dancing modes make it inappropriate for small children. This is a great dancing game nevertheless, and the list of songs that are available make it even more enjoyable. There is also the option of viewing the original videos of the songs that are playing, but it is fair to say that this game is more apt for serious dancers. The price is around the conventional $50 mark, and the game was released in the US in February 2011. The publishers are Mindscape and Universal Music.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba training routines involve gyrating at extremely fast rhythms to get a full body workout, and this fitness game makes full use of that concept. The online tutorial is adequately prepared to get you started, and once you are in the flow, the 9 different styles of Zumba dancing that you will be required to perform will seem like a piece of cake. The avatar is just a pixellated version of your basic body structure, so this is one aspect that could have been better. Multiplayer mode is also provided, and all in all this is a pretty good dance game to play. It was released in the US in November 2010, was published by Majesco Entertainment and has been developed for the Kinect by Pipeworks Software.

Michael Jackson: The Experience

This game has been developed and published by Ubisoft and it was released in November 2010 for the Wii and other consoles. This month the version for the Kinect and the PlayStation Move are due for release, and people are eagerly awaiting to see how the game feels. The game is a tribute to the great Michael Jackson, and makes use of his music entirely. The disappointing part is that the Kinect will only allow one player at a time, whereas the Wii and the Move have a 4 player multiplayer mode.

There are several fitness advantages of dance games on the Kinect, and this is in addition to the pure joy of dancing which is loved by one and all.

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