Best Alternatives to iPhone 4

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Best Alternatives to iPhone 4

Looks like the iPhone’s days of monopoly are over, what with some of the best alternatives to iPhone 4 having hit the market lately and a few more contenders expected to hit smartphones scenario in the very near future.

Since the time the first iPhone model made a grand entrance into the telecommunications market and literally kick started the multimedia enabled smartphone revolution, there has been no looking back for it. Four generations of this multimedia smartphone pioneer have emerged during the course of the last four years (the first iPhone being commercially released in January 2007) and each generation has met with tremendous success.

Indeed, a specific customer niche – which is not, in any way, an insignificant fraction of the global number of smartphone users – has been observed to be totally loyal to this flagship Apple telecommunications device brand, going so far as refusing to even consider the fact that an alternative to the iPhone is a practical possibility! With rumors of a supposed iPhone 5 release somewhere around the third quarter this year making furious rounds of the smartphone market, let’s take a look at some gadgets that are being touted as some of the best alternatives to iPhone 4.

What is the Best Alternative to iPhone 4?

No offense to iPhone loyalists, but here’s a list of smart and jazzy devices that may pose some serious competition for Apple’s smartphone device (not to mention various complains about iPhone 4 problems), if not threaten to completely replace it. Scroll down and scan through this segment keeping an open mind and decide for yourself how far these so-called alternative phones to the iPhone 4 live up to their claims of being so.

Motorola Droid

State-of-the-art design and Motorola’s signature sleek, bulk-free look combined with forward-looking technology – that’s as deadly a combination as can be for a communication cum computing device that packs all the geeky punch of the iPhone 4 but looks way better! Complete with a full-touch screen as well as a user-friendly qwerty keypad, the Motorola Droid range offers some killer devices that work on Google’s snazzy Android platform and pack awesome performance with a design to die for!

Motorola has definitely put a stamp of its technological ingenuity by managing to maintain a slim look for a device that includes a full touch display and a qwerty keyboard that slides in and out from beneath it!

Samsung Galaxy S

A stylish full touch communications and computing appliance that incorporates all the jazzy delights and seamless applications management of an Android operating system – that’s the Samsung Galaxy S for you! The 4 inch Super AMOLED screen of this latest Samsung entrant is at par with iPhone’s retina display, no matter how much iPhone loyalists refute this fact! As far as the application switching speed and browsing performance is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S comes across as smoother and faster.

Google Nexus One

With Android quickly assuming the numero uno position in the smartphone OS domain, it comes across as no wonder that a mobile multimedia and communications device that comes from Google and incorporates Google’s very own OS would meet with tremendous success! Need I say any more about its tech specs? That being mentioned, this smartphone has a slicker, more smoothed out look than the iPhone 4.

In case this doesn’t convince you enough to opt for Google Nexus One over the iPhone 4 and you’re still in two minds, there’s the Amazon MP3 store that you can use with Android which turns it into a good iPod alternative as well! Besides these top 3 possible iPhone 4 killers, following are some more alternative smartphone options that have the potential to eat into iPhone 4’s market share.

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  • HTC Desire
  • Nokia N8
  • Palm Pre Plus
  • Blackberry Bold 9800
  • HTC Droid Incredible
  • HTC Evo 4G
  • Dell Streak

So, as you must have deduced by now, we’re going to see a lot of iPhone competitors, most of them prized at par or lower than it, that can very well end up dimming the aura of this Apple smartphone. These are, indeed, some of the best alternatives to iPhone 4 that will either spell doom for Apple’s flagship multimedia phone or will goad Apple to oil its inventive and innovative genius!

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