Jungle Jewels Tips

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Jungle Jewels Tips

In this article, you will find an introduction to the game of Jungle Jewels, along with some tips and tricks which will help you move ahead in the game.

One of the best things about the Internet is the availability of a variety of games, which help kill boredom for millions of people around the world. Taking refuge in the virtual world of PC games can be extremely addictive because of the range of exciting games made available. One such online game, that has captured the interest of millions is Jungle Jewels. After its introduction on Facebook, it has reached new heights of popularity.

Some of the best games on the Internet have something in common and that is simplicity. Jungle Jewels is no exception to this. It is a very simple game to follow and appeals to people of all age groups. Such games are great exercises for the mind, as they promote analytical thinking, while also killing boredom instantly.

Though, giving out all the tricks of playing the game takes all the fun out of it, I will help the clueless few, for whom a clear strategy is still elusive. Don’t expect to know everything as this will take all the joy out of the game. You will learn more as you go on playing. Moreover, unlike chess, this game is not that complicated.

About the Game

This game was created by Game Duell developers. It falls in the category of match three games, that have found wide popularity online. Now, this game has been made available on the biggest social networking site, which is Facebook. The objective of the game, like all match three games is simple. To get points, you have to arrange same colored jewels of various colors in orders of three, four, or five. You have to match the patterns of gems placed around the puzzle to score more points. Gold coins are embedded in the grid, along with the jewels, which fall, when more than two jewels are placed in their vicinity.

While arranging three similar colored jewels gives you points, more points are scored by arranging four or five of them. You need keen observation to be able to complete all the patterns. Once all the patterns have been created, there is a shower of gold coins, which reveals parts of a mask.

At each of the four levels, you must uncover a part of the mask. The faster you get the coins to bounce off the bottom, more you will score. So you need to have a strategy to go ahead with.

Tips and Tricks

One of the prime tips is to try to arrange jewels in a row, instead of a column. This will create more opportunities for clearing out more jewels.

Try to get a fiver, that is a sequence of similar colored jewels, as it will lead to the appearance of a rainbow colored icon, which can be used to trade with any of the adjoining gems. If you can do this, all the colored gems in the grid will disappear, making the game easier for you.

In case, you find that there are gold coins placed in a single column, then make it a point to remove one of the coins as soon as possible, to make the rest move.

You earn stars by arranging the jewels, which in turn, can be used to clear out more rows and columns. Remember that touching a gold coin with a rainbow-colored gem, will lead to disappearance of the coins.

All you have to do is follow some of the basic rules listed above to attain master status in playing the game. Just remember to stop when you think, that it is all becoming too addictive.

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