Extremely Useful Information on How to Get a New IP Address

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How to Get a New IP Address

This article provides information regarding the process of getting a new IP address by following simple steps. This process is quite important for those who want to ‘renew’ their current IP addresses.

Akin to phone numbers, IP addresses are a primary requirement for connecting Internet users in the world of computers. This address lets a user connect his computer to the Internet, and allows him to accurately send and receive information to distinct identifiers. Sometimes, it gets extremely essential to set a new IP address for yourself.

There are a number of very easy and user-friendly ways to fetch a new one, in case you realize that your Internet connection has stopped working all of a sudden. One of the easiest ways for this process is by clicking on the network icon on the bottom left of your screen, and choosing to repair. This will automatically reset a new IP address for your connection. However, IP addresses are of three kinds – local IP, Static IP, and Dynamic IP, and to reset them, every kind follows a different procedure.

Steps Involved

The actual process involves using the Run command. The scenario for Windows XP and Windows Vista is as follows:

  • Click the Start menu on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select Run, and type cmd in the box.
  • Type ipconfig/release in the black box, where the cursor is present. Remember that this instruction may not function as an internal or an external command. Usually, many versions of Microsoft Windows do not recognize this command. If you experience the same problem, type in winipcfg/release in the same way as before. Hit Enter.
  • When you see that this command is received, you need to type in ipconfig/renew, or winipcfg/renew, in case the system doesn’t recognize the former command. Press Enter.
  • Shut down your computer, and connect your Internet cable to the PC. After a few minutes, restart the computer. You will have a new IP address.

Process for a New Static IP Address

There are chances that while working and trying on new methods, you may detect an IP address as a static one. Servers or Internet service providers are in possession of these addresses that do not usually change. With the help of one of these, it becomes easy for your computer to connect to the Internet without fail. While it links with your local Internet server, it also connects to the website that you want to visit. So, naturally, it is a bit hard to change this address.

Some easy steps regarding this issue are mentioned below.

  • Connect your modem and computer directly. Click Start, and select Run. Type cmd in the box as a command.
  • When the black box appears, type in ipconfig/all, which will pop out from the present IP address that you have. Now, type in ipconfig/release.
  • You need to go to Control Panel, and select Network Connection. Pick up Local Area Connection and go to Properties. Click Internet Protocol or TCP/IP.
  • When you see a new window pop up, select the tab that says General, and click on Use the Following IP Address. You need to put the address as Press OK.
  • Go to Network Connections again, and by right clicking the Local Area Connection, select Properties. This path will be similar to the one discussed above in the third point. Now, after selecting Properties, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) again, and click Properties.
  • Select the General tab, and select Assign me an IP Address. Press OK.
  • Go to the Run command again, and type cmd. Put in ipconfig/all to get the IP address This time, your Static IP address setup would be a different one.

Disclaimer: The above methods are generic, and provide basic information without claiming any assurance. Methods may vary in accordance with the type of PC, and the Internet connection that you have.

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