Is It Worth Buying a 3D Laptop?

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Is It Worth Buying a 3D Laptop?

First came the desktops, then the laptops, followed by netbooks, notebooks, convertibles, and HD machines. All these were finally followed by the 3D laptops–the ones that allow us to use multimedia files in full 3D mode. But, is this machine stable enough to be bought over its predecessors? This Techspirited write-up clears the air on this.

Skeptical about the Glasses?
Toshiba Qosmio F750 is the latest launch from the manufacturer, and it eliminates the biggest problem of wearing 3D glasses while working on 3D machines. You can ditch those uncomfortable glasses and experience an overwhelming 3D experience with this notebook.

3D technology came into existence in 1844 when the Stereoscope was invented by David Brewster. Our computer manufacturers decided to take this technology in every household by launching 3D laptops. These laptops are equipped with monitors on which 3D images can be viewed.

Now, there is more than one way of viewing these images. The first being the traditional method of using 3D glasses. Wear these glasses, plug them to the monitor (wireless glasses are also available), and view the 3D media files. The latest method is viewing these files without the glasses. The computer screen itself does the trick. While buying a 3D laptop, you need to choose between these different types of 3D screens.

Points to Ponder
Before you decide to purchase a 3D laptop, there are a few important things you must evaluate. Consider all the points mentioned below to know whether you are actually in need of a 3D laptop or not.

The reason why I am placing this point before any other is because the customer dissatisfaction for any product starts with the price. So, if you have budget constraints, think twice before buying the laptop as 3D laptops are way costlier than the normal ones.

3D Need
Secondly, assess if you really need a 3D laptop. 3D laptops are best suited for people who are movie buffs and like to watch movies with luxury features. Also, keep in mind that not enough content is available on the Internet which is 3D-compatible. So, barring a few movies, songs, and videos, there is not much you can view in your 3D laptop.

Comfort with 3D Glasses
While you go in for a 3D laptop, remember that it comes with the baggage of glasses. There are two types that are generally offered: active and passive glasses. Wear the glasses and check your comfort level before buying the laptop.

Laptop Luxury
Everyone wants their machine to perform a few additional activities apart from the regular ones; like you may have better graphics designing tools that will enable you to view your designs at better viewing angles. Similarly, some might want to have an extra stack of memory with a fast processor so that their tasks are completed in less time. Check if the laptop you wish to buy fulfills these needs of yours.

If you are looking for a laptop that is not a desktop replacement, then make sure you evaluate the laptop thoroughly on this point. The machine should not weigh more than a couple of kilograms. Anything under this limit can be placed comfortably on your lap.

Battery Life
If you want the laptop to run for a longer time without draining out the battery, you might need to add an extra battery pack. But while doing so, consult the laptop manufacturer to know the upper limit of the number of batteries you can add. Extra batteries may give rise to heating issues and also add to the weight of the laptop.

Graphics Quality
Never buy a machine if you haven’t got the feel of it after having used it. Ask the salesperson to switch on the laptop, and check the display quality for yourself. Also, you can play a game or watch a video so as to evaluate the graphics card in a better way. Remember, an integrated graphics card that most laptops use is not as powerful as the dedicated ones. So, if you are looking to buy a 3D laptop for gaming purpose, you may want to have a dedicated 3D GPU.

Storage Space
This is a very important evaluation point. The laptop should have enough inbuilt disk space so that you may eliminate the need to have an additional hard drive. Remember, RAM can be upgraded but upgrading the disk space is a daunting task. So, if you need to store a lot of movies, songs, videos, and games on the disk, get a laptop with bigger disk space.

Benefits of 3D Laptops
3D laptops may be not suited for everyone, but for people who wish to have enhanced viewing experience, 3D laptops are for them. Though most of these laptops may require you to wear special 3D glasses, the enriching viewing experience is worth the trouble. Here are a few reasons why you should buy yourself a 3D laptop.

  • The images can be seen in full three-dimensional view with/without wearing the special glasses.
  • All the software that can be run on usual computers can be used on 3D laptops. The only difference would be with the multimedia files.
  • For frequent gamers, this is the best suited laptop as most of the popular games have their 3D versions released. So while gaming, the added dimension will enhance the user experience.
  • The graphics card is an improved one with fast processing speeds that are best suited for gaming.
  • The laptops are small in size and portable enough to fit your laptop comfortably. 

Downside of 3D Laptops
The 3D laptops have their share of cons, and in most cases, they outdo the number of pros of the device. Here are a few of them.

  • These laptops tend to become heavy for your lap; hence, they are best suited as desktop replacements.
  • The 3D laptops have experienced heat issues.
  • The price can be the biggest disadvantage of these laptops. The prices of these laptops are always on the higher side.
  • The laptop will act as a normal one if the glasses are not worn. So, you will have to carry the extra baggage of glasses everywhere you go.
  • For the wired glasses, it is necessary that the receiver in the laptop is correctly connected to the transmitter of the 3D glass.
  • The laptops favor low screen resolutions, like 1366×768. So, it may be less appealing to regular gamers.
  • The battery life in many of the 3D laptops is too short, and this means, you need to continuously charge your laptop. 

If you have evaluated the 3D laptop based on all these points and still feel it is the best suited one for you, then you can opt for the same. But I would suggest that you wait for a while before buying one. The technology is still naïve and waiting for it to mature a little would be a sensible option. Having said that, it is an individual’s need and choice to decide the perfect laptop for him/her.
My only suggestion would be – don’t just go with the trend; think twice before you buy a 3D laptop which is definitely heavy on your pocket.

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