iPod Touch Screen not Working

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iPod Touch Screen not Working

Did you purchase or were gifted an iPod Touch and now the screen is not working properly? If the screen is not working properly, then read the article for helpful answers…

Troubleshooting iPod Touch Screen

  • Fix the Screen
  • Revive the Screen

Buying an expensive mp3 player and something goes wrong can be really frustrating. iPods are an awesome invention and people adore it all over the world. If your device is giving you grief like mine did, don’t wait and let the issue escalate. In the following article, we have given you tips on how to resolve the issue when the screen is not working properly.

Steps to Fix Your iPod Touch Screen

  • Firstly, you can try a hard reset. It is advised to restore the device to see if the problem still exists. However, considering the worst situation, you might want to connect your device to the computer to create a backup everything, though. You can restore the files like that.
  • Another reason your screen might not be working is that it may have broken. Try to reset the iPod by holding the standby button and home button together for about 10 seconds. Resetting will erase all the data from the device. If the problem persists put it into recovery mode. To do this you need to hold the home button for 10 seconds, then hold the standby button as well for about 10 seconds, then let go of the standby button and keep hold of the home button for about 20 seconds. When you plug the device to your computer, iTunes will recognize it as an iPod in recovery mode. Restore it and that might work.
  • If it’s a problem of wet screen and it has stopped responding or working properly, try to dry it and try to get it replaced. Staff at Apple would know that your iPod was soaked in the water; however, there is one in a million chance that they would give you a replacement.

Tips to Revive Your iPod Touch

If you have recently updated your device, there can be certain things that might be creating issues. A few more things you can try if your device’s screen is still not working even after the upgrade.

  • First of all, turn the auto brightness off. This may reduce flickering of the screen and sometimes may also fix the top of bottom of the screen is not working problem for a longer duration.
  • Secondly, check if the battery is not completely drained. Sometimes, this kind of problems seems to appear even when the battery is fully charged and iPod is running off the USB power.
  • Another thing you can try is to put a little pressure on the back and bottom right corner and the iPod device may just correct itself for time being. This method is not a permanent solution to fix your screen but anyway, you can always try to use the temporary measures till your device is replaced by the manufacturer.

Apple has officially acknowledged that the problem does exist and that a corporate policy on fixing the problems is a necessity. The iPod problems and solutions, which are non, have been credited to bad quality control and misapplication of the reflective coating of the LCD. Other companies like Apple specifically launch policies for replacing defective devices. This stays true till an upgraded outputs get released in order to meet every Apple customers. So far, the company’s software updates have not been proven sound or effective for the current issue at hand. Including the updates, even the functional problems are elevated, providing no final solution for its customers.

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