Internet Speed Booster for a Mac

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Internet Speed Booster for a Mac

If you are looking for an Internet download speed booster software, this article will be a helpful read. Here, you will find a list of the best products on offer.

Has the Internet connection and download speed on your Mac slowed down? Has your P2P client’s download speed slowed down? Then, what you need is a speed booster, that can solve your problem. There are many such software programs that can boost download speeds substantially.

Internet speed is determined by many factors. While the maximum speed is decided by the bandwidth you purchase from your ISP, a lot depends on how your Mac uses the bandwidth. There are many settings that you could tweak a bit, to improve your download speeds.

How to Boost Internet Speed on a Mac

You could enhance your Internet connection speed, by making some minor adjustments on your Mac. First thing to do is to clear your Safari web browser’s history and delete all of it, including cookies. Clear out the cache, that stores web pages for you. Reset the Safari browser to enhance your connection speed. Next thing to do is to check the firewall settings on your Mac. See to it that all the programs which you use, haven’t been blocked. If they are, unblock them. Keep your browser light and don’t add toolbars or unnecessary add-ons, which may bring the connection speed down.

Besides this, you could think of a hardware upgrade for your router, which will certainly boost your connection speed. Uninstall all those programs which eat up the bandwidth unnecessarily, while downloading updates on start up. Get your Mac scanned for any malware that may be slowing down the access speed. All these measures will certainly boost your Internet speed and you will enjoy a better web browsing experience.

How Do Boosters Work?

If you have no idea about how to tweak your Mac OS X settings to boost download speeds, there are software programs that can do it for you. These programs manipulate the settings of your net connection and your operating system settings to make the maximum use of bandwidth. Some of these programs are totally devoted to boosting the download speeds of one application.

Speed Boosting Software for a Mac

There are many choices in front of you. An Internet booster can enhance the connection speed marginally. Of course, there is no substitute to purchasing greater bandwidth, if you want higher speeds. Here are some of the prime programs for your Mac.

  • SC Net Speed Booster 4.5
  • Internet Speed Booster 1.2
  • Free Internet Speed up Lite 4.3
  • Actual Booster 3.1
  • Free Net Speed Booster 4.2
  • Net Accelerator 5.0
  • Mule Speed Booster 3.1
  • Robust Internet Speed Booster 4.2
  • FinitySoft Network Monitor 1.3
  • FrostWire Speed Booster 1.0
  • DSL-Cable Speed Booster 1.0
  • Net Speed Booster 4.0
  • Bitcomet Speed Booster 4.3
  • Ares Galaxy Speed Booster 1.0
  • Turbo Internet Booster 2.1
  • Internet speed up 4.1
  • SC Net Speed Booster 4.5
  • OSS Internet Speed Booster 3.0

Don’t expect phenomenal increments in download speeds using any of these programs. A better option is to increase the bandwidth of your net connection. You could choose one of the above programs. Check for validity of the software program before you go for a download. Often, such programs tend to be malware. So, be careful while downloading and check them out beforehand.

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