Information on the Opera Browser

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Information on the Opera Browser

The popularity of Opera browser is increasing exponentially, courtesy its unique features. Using this browser is sure to take your Internet browsing experience to a new level.

Is there any way to enhance your web browsing experience? Start using the new Opera browser and you won’t think of switching over to another browser. The browser is loaded with features that will make your Internet browsing more enjoyable. Millions of people worldwide prefer to use Opera than other web browsers. This is because, it is easy to use and can be downloaded without spending a single penny. It stands out from other web browsers because of its unique features that are mentioned below:



While using the Internet, fraudulent websites and malware pose a great threat to your computer. These sites are designed to harm your computer. However, if you have installed this browser on your computer then you don’t have to worry about these sites as the browser can detect such sites. When you try to open a fraudulent site, Opera sends a prior warning conveying you not to open the site. With this browser, one can also decide what cookies to reject and accept. Advanced security features of this browser ensure that any malware (malicious software such as viruses) does not get downloaded without your permission.


You can customize this browser so as to meet your expectations and needs. There are hundreds of set ups, bookmarklets (buttons), widgets (add-ons) that add functionality to this browser. You can add a menu, customize tool bar buttons, change the layout of Opera and do lots more without much effort. In short, you can modify the browser the way you want to suit your requirements.

Tab Browsing

With this feature, the browser allows multiple tab browsing. In one browser window, you can open several websites. There is absolutely no need to open a new browser window for every site. It is the best way to open multiple websites at once. Each site will now appear as a tab that can be accessed by a single mouse click. You can also drag and drop tabs and change their order. Opera also allows you to save a session of tabs, which means the next time you open the browser, the same tabs that you had closed will open automatically.

Content Blocking

Pop up ads and images are annoying especially when you are opening your favorite site. Opera gives you the freedom to block ads which you don’t want to see. Pop up blocking feature in the browser enables you to selectively disable elements that irritate you. Web pages also load faster when the image button is turned off.

Resize Web Pages

Many Internet users are unable to read the content of web pages as the font is very small. This problem can be solved if the computer has Opera. You can use the browser’s Zoom button to re-size web pages. If you find that a particular web page does not fit your screen because it is too wide, then just click on the button ‘Fit to Width’ to resize the web page to avoid horizontal scrolling.

Quick Find

Many times, users forget the web page where they find useful information such as an article or a website that gives innovative ideas about purchasing gifts. This issue will no longer remain for those who have installed this browser. Quick Find feature allows the browser to remember the titles as well as the addresses of the sites you visit. The content of the web page is also saved.

Speed Dial

Isn’t it frustrating to type the address of the website that you visit frequently? With Speed Dial, your favorite website is just a mouse click away. Speed Dial is a set of bookmarks that you see whenever you open a new tab. You have to just bookmark the web page that you often visit. When the web page is bookmarked, it is not necessary to type its address again and again. For bookmarking a new page, simply click on the empty Speed Dial slot and the browser will give suggestions based on your browsing history.

With Opera offering a plethora of features, it is no wonder that the browser is one of the most preferred browsers to access the Internet world. So, installing it on your computer would certainly be a wise decision.

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