How to Use Facebook Questions

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How to Use Facebook Questions

Facebook has recently introduced an innovative new feature called ‘Facebook Questions’. Most haven’t yet realized the power that this new feature grants individuals and businesses. In this article, I share some suggestions on how to use Facebook questions feature effectively.

There are so many questions that keep popping up in our minds and we need some quick answers or opinions from our social circle about it. Facebook now provides you with a facility to pose these questions to your friend circle quite easily, through the ‘Facebook Questions’ facility. The popularity of the question-answer feature provided by sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers, prompted Facebook to introduce this questions feature, to let users tap into the knowledge and wisdom of their connected friends to find answers.

Having been introduced just a few weeks ago, the feature is slowly catching up among users who are giving full reign to their natural inquisitive ability, to find answers to questions they always wanted to ask.

How Does the ‘Facebook Questions’ Feature Work?

When you sign in to Facebook next time, below your home page status box, you will see a ‘Question’ option which has been introduced very recently. It provides you with the facility to pose a direct or poll based question with alternatives, which will be posted in the news feed of your connected friends and their extended circles. They can answer the question by ticking any of the alternatives in the news feed.

Enter your question, choose poll alternatives, if you wish to and just click on ‘Ask Question’ to publish it in the news feed. For a poll question, you have the option of letting your friends add more options as answers or you could turn off that feature. Even fan pages, business pages and Facebook groups have the questions feature which can be effectively used to discuss issues.

How to Utilize Facebook Questions?

With more than 600 million opinionated people online regularly, the questions features is a powerful social networking tool that you may use, to know what people are thinking. Here are some ways in which you can use this new facility.

Get Your Questions Answered By Experts

There are several groups on Facebook dealing with specialized topics of interest. There are several experts on these groups which can help you out with issues. The question feature can be effectively used in a group to pose genuine question to experts, who may be a part of the group. May be you are a physics student and who is stuck with some problem or deep issue which is unresolved in your mind. Asking questions to clear out the confusion can bring in answers which may help you figure out the problem.

Let Your Opinionated Friends Help You Out

If you are stuck with choosing between several alternatives when choosing a gadget or any other educational preferences like choosing a university, you can conduct a poll among your friends, by providing options, to know what your peers think about them. This can be helpful in making a decision later. You can always ask fun questions about favorite movies, actors, sports and hobbies which your friends will love answering.

Businesses Can Carry Out Customer Surveys

For Facebook business pages, the question facility presents an opportunity to directly interact with your target customer groups and know what they think about their service, product or brand.

Ask Questions About Sociopolitical Issues

You can also use the question tool to see what people think about sociopolitical issues that directly affect us. This can help you understand where people stand on several important issues, which define them.

So be ready to fire away your questions at your friends circle right away by logging into Facebook. Not only is it a lot of fun knowing about the likes and dislikes of your friends and acquaintances, it also provides you with a tool to get some practical advice on several issues. If you can’t decide which smart phone to go for or what bike to go for, you can put up a poll question on Facebook and let your friends help you decide.

In short, the question feature lets you harness your social connectivity to get a clear point of view on things. You can also benefit from the archived pool of questions and answers already asked in your social circle, with the search feature. So if you haven’t tried out the Facebook Questions feature yet, it’s time to check it out and fish for some answers!

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