Are You a Naive User of Apple? Here’s a Guide on How to Use Cydia

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How to Use Cydia

If you are among those who are vying for something extra in your iPhone, Cydia will be of great help to you. In this particular article, we will answer some FAQs about this replacement software for Apple products with iOS.

The efficiency that Cydia apps bring, has made many people shift to it, while those who are not yet familiar with the replacement software are left wondering what it is all about.

Cydia Guide
Basically, Cydia is a replacement software for iOS, which provides a wide range of themes and apps, that are not available with the App Store. You can install Cydia on Apple iPhone, iPod touch, or the iPad, as these Apple products use the iOS as their default operation system.

In order to use Cydia, you need to ‘jailbreak’ or ‘unlock’ the product. Before opting for jailbreaking though, you need to understand it can void manufacturer’s warranty. Cydia does provide a range of apps and themes for your ‘i’ products, but you should go for it only if you are comfortable with the consequences of jailbreaking.

You can download the replacement software on your jailbroken iPhone and get access to some of the best apps and themes for your gadget. Once you are done with this step, you will get access to a range of applications, which will add to the efficiency of your iPhone, and themes, which will add to its appearance.

Cydia Apps
Once you have Cydia installed on your iPhone, things become relatively easy. The easy-to-use software application will guide you through all the tasks with a few taps. You can start by launching Cydia with a tap on the Cydia icon on the home screen of the iPhone. When the application is launched, you will come across Menu. In this list, you will come across the Sections tab. When you tap on it, you will get access to all the packages (products) that Cydia has to offer, listed in various sections and categories.

With thousand of apps on offer, categorization is really helpful, but if you want to see the entire list you can tap on All Packages and the entire list will be at your fingertips. Once you have chosen which app to download, you just have to tap on its name. This will direct you to a new page, wherein you will see its details. On the same screen, you will also see the Install tab. A simple tap on it will install the said app on your gadget.

You can delete the apps by going to Packages and tapping on the Delete tab. It will ask you to for a confirmation before finally deleting this app.

Cydia Themes
Cydia also has a wide range of themes to offer. In order to install these themes, you will have to download the WinterBoard app offered by Cydia. This app helps you to customize your iPhone by adding themes, background, sounds, status bar, etc. To download the themes, you will have to go to Sections, wherein you will see a list of custom themes for apps, keyboard, battery, etc. You just need to scroll through the list and tap on the Install tab along the name of the theme that you want to install.

Once the theme is installed, you will have to activate it. This is where the WinterBoard app will come into picture. In this app, you will come across a list of themes that you have downloaded on your device. You just need to scroll through this list and tap on the name of the theme which you want to activate. You will see a tick mark alongside it, which will indicate that the theme has been activated.

Once you have this replacement software, some of the best apps and themes will be just a few taps away. While there is no questioning the fact that Cydia promises an enriching iPhone experience, we would still advice you to take into consideration all the consequences of jailbreaking before opting for it.

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