How Do You Get Farmville Cash

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How Do You Get Farmville Cash

How do you get Farmville cash without buying it? Is that what you are looking for? Well, you have hit the right page! Scroll down to know how do you earn Farmville cash quickly.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site and Farmville is one of its highest rated applications. There are millions of registered Facebook users who are obsessed with plowing and harvesting their farms. Farmville is a free application developed by Zynga that allows its users to raise and manage their own virtual farm and livestock. This real time farm simulation game gives the users an opportunity to imitate all the farm activities, right from buying seeds, sowing and harvesting them, planting various trees, feeding and raising livestock, to visiting and helping neighboring farmers by organizing proper and strategic layouts. This is a highly addictive game which keeps the users glued to their computer screens for hours. If you too are a dedicated farmer on this virtual farming platform, I am sure you would love to know some tips and secrets.

Ways to Collect Cash

Farmville money is very important for the player to stay in the game. It is available in two forms – coins and cash. It allows you to buy items for your farm and also earn XP, which is needed for jumping levels. Coins can be earned by selling or harvesting the crops and livestock. Although most of the items can be purchased with the help of coins, you do need cash for certain special items, as well as to upgrade or expand your farm.

Now, if you think I am going to give you some cheat codes, let me tell you well in advance that there are no such cheats for cash. However, there is no need to be disheartened! Here are a few tricks and tips that will help you earn some extra money quickly.

Play it the Smart Way

All you dedicated farmers must be well aware of the fact that you are awarded one Farmville cash for each experience level that you cross. All you need to do is gain more XP and jump levels to earn cash. Although this is not the quickest way, as it may take a long time to earn the necessary XP, you can speed it up with a few smart and calculated moves. Start by planting crops that yield the maximum XP possible. Next, you can earn cash by sharing various bonus ribbons. Also, look for the ribbons shared by your friends. Clicking on them also gives you a chance to earn extra money. Helping your friends and neighboring farmers can also help you earn a considerable amount of money.

Fill up Offers and Surveys

If you don’t have the patience to wait till you jump to the next level, you could try this option to get the cash quickly. You can take surveys and quizzes and fill up offers online through sponsors affiliated to the game. You can go to the list of these offers by clicking on the ‘Get More Farm Coins’ tab in the game. There are several surveys and quizzes available, ranging from free trials to purchasing things from various websites. Choose the surveys wisely and you can rack up a lot of cash quickly!

Exchange Real Money for Farmville Cash

For all those who are obsessed with this game and can do anything to reach the next level, this might just be the right option. All you need to do is purchase Farmville cash with a credit or debit card. You could also purchase it by using your Paypal account.

So, this was how to get Farmville cash and advance to the next levels in this game quickly. There is also an advanced generator tool available online, which increases your cash by 2 to 4 times every time you log in.

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