How to Upload Music on Facebook

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How to Upload Music on Facebook

Facebook has a whole ton of options when it comes to entertaining the masses, and keeping them hooked. Find out here on one such area, in how to upload music on Facebook.

A lot of users are wedded to Facebook, not able to get enough of its social networking enhancements, and other addictive arenas. From music and games to even online shopping, starting businesses and uploading photographs, Facebook is constantly reinventing itself, with a team of smarty pants working the ropes behind the scenes. Mark Zuckerberg has taken over the social networking scene, with a blindingly bright future ahead for Facebook; not someone anyone is willing to compete with.

Here, I’ll take you on a tour on uploading music on Facebook, with simple and easy maneuvers that you can try out when you log onto the website next. It isn’t hard to include music as part of your profile, or even sharing a track with someone you know. It can help you stay in touch with what’s hot on the charts, as well as go back to the old school days and relive old tunes.

Ways to Upload Music on Facebook

Uploading music on Facebook is extremely easy, and doesn’t take up any of your time or leave you pulling your hair out. Let’s take a look at the ways on how to upload music to Facebook.

♬ Uploading Music on Your Profile

There are ways on how you can do this. One is, you can directly paste the track link (if a website provides one on its own page) to the ‘what’s on your mind?’ bar, where it will automatically drop down a menu to choose whether you want a thumbnail, and if you’d like to add a description to your link. You can even tag your friends, so that all of them will have this post present in their profiles once you hit the share button.

The second way to do this, is to choose from the already present icons that appear next to the status bar (what’s on your mind?), giving you an option of putting up an image, note and video as well. You can browse through the search bar to look for the track, and then select it from the list that Facebook has already preloaded for users. Once you do choose it, you automatically link this to your profile, where you can listen to it from your profile. Once you’re through with the track, all you have to do is hit the ‘X’ option on the right hand corner of this wall post, and it will be deleted.

♬ Uploading Music on Friends’ Profiles

Say there’s a track that’s just hit the music scene, or an old song that you want your friend / family member to share in the reminiscing with. You can directly go to their profiles and search for the track once you select the music option present next to the status bar on their profile. You could again browse through tracks on applications like ‘iLike’, that have uploaded music on Facebook for users to listen to and enjoy. You can add the application to your profile and send out dedications to friends with ease. Facebook makes it convenient to stack your albums together including your favorite tracks, through this helpful application (iLike).

♬ Linking Websites

Some websites come with an option of linking their music players to Facebook, creating an application that you can allow permission to, when asked if you want to add this to your profile. For example, those who have accounts on websites like ‘’ can have their players updated through a ‘scrobbling’ option. I downloaded the player to my desktop, and when I listen to my own tracks, it automatically gets updated on the Facebook application that has the application (visit the website to know more) plugged in.

That way, people know which tracks you’re listening to, and how many plays each song has, including the last time you heard it. It makes a playlist for you on Facebook, helping you listen to music and have it on your profile at the same time. Check out other websites that do the same linking process, to stay in touch with your music whenever, wherever.

Uploading music is no big deal, once you try it out for yourself after memorizing these instructions. Be sure to work it out simultaneously while reading this, so that you don’t lose track of how to get these steps done.

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