How to Turn Your iPhone into a Desktop PC

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How to Turn Your iPhone into a Desktop PC

Japanese designer Mac Funamizu has developed an ultra new and creative way to use your iPhone. If this catches on, it can even lead to the oblivion of the personal computer as we know it.

By Pamela Mortimer
Even the Jetsons didn’t have this. Coveted Japanese designer Mac Funamizu has developed a way to turn your iPhone into a desktop PC and so much more. Inspired by Microsoft’s Play Anywhere system, Funamizu’s yet unnamed creation allows a user to connect an iPhone to a desktop stand and experience untold capabilities, without all the hassle of a complete desktop system.

Basically, the system works like this: An iPhone is mounted onto a stand that features a built-in projector, and an array of delicate and very smart sensors. A full keyboard and mouse are projected onto the desk’s surface and the user’s hand movements are used to calculate the input into the system, including clicks and keystrokes. If so desired, the keyboard and mouse can be expanded or contracted by the wave of a hand. There are also other non-traditional and multi-touch gestures which will allow the input of data into the iPhone.

Because the ultra thin gadget is transparent, many are referring to it as ‘magical glass’. Also included in the system are a touchscreen panel, scanner, and built-in camera. It is assumed that the glass will also function as a viewfinder for the camera. There will also be Wi-Fi connectivity to access the Internet. If the name Mac Funamizu sounds familiar, it may be because he’s the guy behind the magical ‘Future of Internet Search’ concept.

“I instantly fell in love with this concept. Imagine having a magical glass with you that you can use to obtain information about anything you see,” said Funamizu.

If that wasn’t enough to make you reach for your credit card, consider this: with Funamizu’s creation, it is possible to look through the glass, pinpoint an object, and be able to access tons of information on it. How cool is that?

Just imagine that you’re out and about, and you spot a car that you just need to have, or your friend has been bitten by a rare breed of tarantula. Never fear! Just use the magical glass to focus on the item and find out any and all info on the target almost immediately. It would make vacations a real trip if you could simply focus on a landmark and know its history or use Mapquest to find an Italian restaurant that serves homemade gelato. It’s also useful for looking up the meaning of a word in the dictionary, allowing one to tap into Wikipedia, or thumb through a thesaurus. The specs on the Wi-Fi connectivity haven’t been released yet, but if the hype is true, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

The only concern that seems to be surfacing is that of privacy. Some fear that people will use their magical glass to tap into their identities and gain personal information that should not be so easily obtained. I’m not really sure how that could work, but Funamizu seems to have all the answers and would presumably build in some security features. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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