How to Track a Cell Phone Location using Google Earth

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How to Track a Cell Phone Location using Google Earth

Thanks to Google Earth, tracking a cell phone location has become much simpler. Read the Techspirited article to find steps on how to carry out the entire process.

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Who knew that life could become so uncomplicated and technology savvy. There are so many tasks that we can now accomplish in a less amount of time and with a very little effort. Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, I am hinting towards the wonders of Google Earth.

Since Google has revolutionized the way we view, learn, understand and accept geographical data, the world has become smaller than we imagined, literally. You can not only install the version on your laptop, but also on your cell phone. Read the rest of the article to find out how the whole thing works.

What is Google Earth?

To put it simply, Google Earth can become your eyes and ears to see and experience the world from the comfort of your home. It is a virtual globe which gives you information about the world around you without you having to physically travel. It will give you satellite images, detailed maps, images of historical buildings in 3D, virtual car ride to view different streets, and so much more.

You can absolutely feel as if you are experiencing the world firsthand from your computer or laptop. Understand more about the Earth, explore the sky, dive inside the oceans, walk on the moon, or even visit Mars.

You can actually go around the world in 80 clicks with Google Earth. If you can do that, imagine what else is possible. And that brings us to our article at hand―using Google Earth to find the location of a particular cell phone.

Using Google Earth

Learning to track someone’s location is simple. All you need is an active account with Google, a cellular data plan and GPS-enabled smartphone that has Google Maps installed with Google Latitude support on it. Following are the steps on how the process is carried out.

  • From your cell phone, go to Google Latitude website. Apart from the Apple iPhone, you will need to download Google Latitude functions onto your cell phone beforehand.
  • Then, you need to configure your active Google account with Google Latitude. Every device has its own configuration that has to be followed. There will be files in your cell phone’s instructions to help you with the configuration process.
  • Ask a family member or friend to volunteer for this task. Then, go to Google Latitude website from your laptop or desktop browser.
  • Include the Google Latitude widget onto your iGoogle page so that you can use it on your desktop or laptop as well.
  • Now click on the button where it says “Add Friends” from the widget. As you do this, all the contacts from your active Google account will be added to the list.
  • Then, there’ll be an icon in front of those contacts that are using Google Latitude as well. You can invite them and wait for them to accept the permission to track them.
  • If there are certain contacts who don’t use Google Latitude but you wish to add them, you can just click on their names or send them an invitation via email.
  • Once if they accept your request, you will see what their location is on the map. And the information will change in real-time once they travel from one location to the next along with their cell phones.
  • The next step is that you’ll open the Google Maps and go to “My Maps” option. It will be on the left side of your window screen. Select this option.
  • When you create this map, save it. As you view this map, you’ll see that the option of “View in Google Earth” being displayed. This option will be on the right side of your window screen. It will be alongside “Send” and “Print” options.
  • When you select it, the map will be downloaded in a .KML file that can be later on opened in Google Earth.
  • After downloading the file, it should open with Google Earth on its own. If it doesn’t, double click it.
  • When you open this file, you can easily view your friends’ location.

There are many online programs that claim phone tracking via Google Earth and Google Maps. Try to avoid them as they are not free programs will end up making you pay more. However, there are some social networking sites which will let you view your friends’ locations from your cell phone. The only condition is that they have to be in close vicinity to you.

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