How to Sync iPod with Two Computers

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How to Sync iPod with Two Computers

If you have landed yourself into clueless territory, thinking about syncing iPod with two computers, then this article is just what you need to read. Here I provide you with simple tips explaining how to sync iPod with multiple computers, by setting iTunes to manual synchronization mode.

The Apple iPod line of music players, ranging from Shuffle, Classic, Nano to the iPod Touch, are in a league of their own. Impeccable sound quality, substantial storage space, motion gaming, high-definition video quality and thousands of apps to choose from, makes the Apple iPod Touch, the best choice among all the iPod devices.

If you are a new iPod Touch user like me or have recently bought a new iPod Shuffle, Classic or Nano, it’s time you got acquainted with the intricacies of using the Apple iTunes software, which is the default medium for transferring data on to these devices.

This Techspirited article is a straightforward guide on how to sync iPod with two computers or any number, by adjusting iTunes settings. By the time you are done reading, you’ll know how to prevent your stored iPod data from being erased through automatic syncing of the device and how to manually carry out music and video transfer from multiple computers.

About iTunes Syncing

If all the Apple devices are considered to be space ships, the iTunes application is the ‘Mothership‘ which facilitates the transfer of resources like apps, songs and videos. From activation of the Apple device to ripping of music, to buying music and apps, as well as updating the iOS software, the iTunes application is the de facto software, which handles it all. A prime feature of this software is the ‘Sync‘ facility, which copies the existing music, apps, videos and other data from a computer to the device.

To save music on the iPod, you must attach it with a computer, that has the latest iTunes version installed. The iTunes library that your device is attached with first, becomes its home library, which it’s designed to be automatically synced with.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t transfer stuff using another computer. In fact, you can sync your iPod with multiple computers, without getting your existing iPod data being erased due to automatic syncing.

Syncing Your iPod With Two Computers

I assume that your iPod has been synced with your home desktop or laptop computer and you are looking for instructions on how to sync it with another computer. Here is what you will need to do.

Step 1: Open iTunes and Connect iPod

Switch on the second computer and open the iTunes application installed on it. If the existing version is old, get the latest updated version downloaded and installed. Next, connect your iPod with the computer using the connection cable. Automatically, iTunes will detect the device and add it.

Step 2: Cancel, Erase and Sync Option

You are bound to get a message informing you that the iPod is synced with another library and content stored on it, doesn’t match with the iTunes library on this computer. It will provide you with three possible future courses of action – ‘Cancel‘, ‘Erase and Sync‘ and ‘Transfer Purchases‘. Selecting the second option would be folly, as it will erase all the data on the iPod and sync it with existing data on the computer. Choose ‘Cancel’ option instead and then modify the iTunes settings as instructed further.

Step 3: Choose Manual Syncing of Music and Videos

Click on your device icon, listed on the left hand side of the iTunes interface. Go to the ‘Summary’ tab on the right. Under the tab, select the check box at the very bottom, saying ‘Manually Manage Music and Videos‘ and then click on the ‘Apply’ button. With that, the automatic syncing will be effectively disabled.

Step 4: Drag and Drop Songs and Videos

Now, you can simply drag and drop the videos from this computer’s iTunes library to the device, to transfer them. Once you are done, remove the device and disconnect it from the computer. This way, you can selectively transfer music and videos from multiple libraries of iTunes.

To summarize, by selecting the option of manually managing music and stopping automatic sync, which is initiated by default, you can use any computer with an iTunes installation to transfer music to your iPod. It is a good idea to go through the Apple iPod support guide made available online, before you begin using the software. That way, you’ll be able to troubleshoot any iTunes problem quite easily and use its multiple features successfully to enrich your iPod experience.

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