Top Tips That Tell You How to Stop Spam Emails for Good

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How to Stop Spam Emails

Spam emails not only occupy a considerable amount of space but also pose threats. Here are some ways to get rid of such emails.


Why should someone send you emails for marketing products, when you have not subscribed to any such service? Why is someone sitting in some part of Nigeria or maybe some other far off place, willing to deposit a huge amount of money into your account?

According to cyber laws, a person sending you a spam is entitled to pay a huge amount of fine for every such communication. These information will make you aware of all such facts and will also present you with some effective methods to stop receiving such emails. However, what is more important is to understand as to why do we need to stop junk mails.

Why are Spam Emails a Threat

Let us first take a look at threats posed by these emails. Spam emails are a source or means by which identity theft takes place. Clicking on a link present in such a mail, may cause the sender of that mail to gain access to a lot of important data in the computer, which may comprise your Social Security Number, you license number, your account details, etc.

All this information can be used by the person on the other side for any purpose. Another problem is that of malware, spyware, and other such threats to the system. Simply clicking on any of the links present in such an email can trigger the download of malicious software into your system.

How to Stop Junk Email

Most of the email service providers take a lot of measures for blocking junk mails. You must have noticed the spam folder in your email account, where most of such mails are automatically diverted. But still, you do receive some of them. You can take certain measures which can help you in stopping them. Let us go through these measures.

Never Respond

You may not be responding to a junk email or clicking on any link present. However, you may feel like replying to such a mail and ask the sender not to send you any such mails. But, this is not a good idea. It is just a way of letting the other person know that yours is an active account. These senders are always on the lookout for active email addresses.

Similarly, clicking on a button like ‘Unsubscribe’ in an email is also a way for them to find out that your account is active. Besides, you do not need to unsubscribe from a service that you did not subscribe in the first place.

Use Different Email Ids

Using different accounts for different purposes is an intelligent idea. If you are someone who likes online shopping, use a different email address for all such transactions.

The email address that you use for business or personal use, should not be used for such transactions. Whenever you make an online donation, mention in bold letters that you don’t want your email address to be sold.

In general, credit card companies sell such information. Go through the documentation of your credit card service provider carefully, to find out how you can ask them not to sell your data to any other company.

Whenever you get a call from someone who wants to sell you a product or a service, simply request them to put you in the list of ‘Do not disturb’. This will cause them to stop sending you any other unwanted emails.

Use Filters

Spam filters provided by your email service provider are another effective way for reducing junk emails. Though these filters automatically remove most of the spam emails that you receive, you can take up your own initiative by marking the ones that still reach your inbox. Simply select that particular email and mark it as spam.

Besides all these measures, as a responsible citizen you can report any such spamming agencies to proper authorities. In the US, the CAN-SPAM act governs all such proceedings. Go through the website of the Federal Trade Commission, to find out how can you report junk mails.

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