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How to Send Picture Message from Computer to Phone

How to Send Picture Message from Computer to Phone

Clicking pictures on a phone and sending it to a computer is very common, but many people often feel the need for the opposite as well. Transferring a picture from a computer to phone is equally simple, and this article will tell you how.
Rahul Thadani
Owning multiple gadgets in today's times has increased the need for cross functionality. The ability to sync and transfer data between your computer and mobile phone is something that is priceless, and can come in handy at any point in time. Knowing how to do so beforehand will make the task much simpler for you. Every mobile phone that is sold today has a camera on it, and this enables one to click pictures and send them to various sources at any point in time. But sometimes it is also necessary to send a picture from the computer to the phone, and in this Techspirited article we will be telling you how to do this.

Sending Picture Message from Computer to Phone

When a picture message is sent to or received from a mobile phone, it is known as an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). The format and the size of the picture is altered so as to suit the mobile phone perfectly, but there are many services that enable one to transfer these images to-and-fro with ease. One such service is PixDrop, which is an online tool for sending a picture to a phone on any of the major service providers in the United States. All you need to do is visit the website and fill in the details. You will need to specify the mobile carrier to whom you wish to send the picture message, then you will need to specify the full mobile number of the recipient and then you will need to locate the image on your hard drive before you send it. This is as simple as it gets and this service is completely free.

To able to carry out such a task was unheard of a few years ago, but the advancements made in technology has made such a thing possible now. Another way to send picture mail from computer to phone is as follows.
  • Open your email account on the PC that you are using.
  • Attach the picture with a new email, and ensure that the picture size is not more than 640 x 480.
  • If the recipient is an AT&T subscriber, send the email to
  • If the recipient is a Verizon subscriber, send the email to
  • If the recipient is a T-Mobile subscriber, send the email to
  • If the recipient is a Virgin Mobile subscriber, send the email to
  • If the recipient is a Sprint Nextel subscriber, send the email to
  • If you do not know the service provider of the recipient then you can use a universal service like teleflip. For example, you can send the email to
  • If you use Firefox as your web browser, then you can right click on an image that you wish to send to a phone and use the service known as
If you are unable to try any of these methods for whatever reasons, then you can also email the picture to the recipients email address. If they own a smartphone that is capable of accessing the Internet and retrieving emails, then they can open their inbox and download the image and save it directly on to their phone. Another simple way of transferring pictures from computers to phones is to physically connect the phone to the computer using a microUSB data cable. All new smartphones have a memory card slot wherein a card with maximum 32GB space can be stored and most of them have a few gigs of internal memory as well. You can directly transfer or sync the pictures into the phone after you have connected the data cable.

The method is a very simple one, and there are a couple of options for you achieve this. You do not need to be a highly tech savvy person to achieve this, and anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and phones can carry this out.