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How to Recover Deleted Files in Mac OS X

How to Recover Deleted Files in Mac OS X

Files accidentally deleted from your Mac, can be recovered with the use of the right software. Here is a short data retrieval guide for Mac OS X.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Lack of disk space is one of the most common reasons for deleting files from a computer. Most of us end up accidentally deleting stuff we need, and then retrieving it all becomes a job in itself. Here are some data retrieval tips for Mac users.

Use the Restore Option for the Trash Folder
When you delete a file, it may not be lost forever. It is simply removed from the file directory in your folders. These deleted files are moved to the 'Trash' folder in your Mac.

When you open the Trash folder, you will still be able to see your files. Right-click with your mouse, to select a file, and choose the Restore option, to find it relocated to its original folder.

Use Time Machine
What if you have deleted or emptied the Trash folder? Then you may be rescued by Time Machine. This is a local Mac utility program that will help you with data recovery. All you need to do is go to your utility folder and open Time Machine. Locate the past backup that holds your deleted file and use the Restore function to retrieve the selected file and save it to the original folder. If you have set up a Time Machine backup on an external drive, you can use it, to get your data back again.

Third-Party Software
There are many third-party software programs to recover deleted files on a Mac. In case you haven't taken a backup, you can use the following software tools:
  • Data Rescue 3
  • FileSalvage
  • RWMO Recover (Mac) Pro
  • MacKeeper
  • Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery
Scheduling a regular data backup using Time Machine, is the easiest way of ensuring the retrieval of any deleted data.