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How to Modify a Green Laser Pointer

Learn How to Modify a Green Laser Pointer for Better Performance

Laser pointers are available in different colors like red, blue, green, etc. Green laser pointer stands out amongst the other pointers because of its quality and brightness. Read on to know about its modification process.
Palmira S
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019
The green laser pointer beam is visible from very large distances. The beam produced by it is brighter and far more visible than that produced by other pointers. The wavelength of the light emitted it falls in a higher intensity range as compared to the lasers of other colors.
It is not because the power of green light is more, but rather because green color is the brightest among all colors in the light spectrum. It is the brightest color that can be recognized by the human eye.
This is the basic reason, because of which, even a 5mw laser beam is visible at night, when dark and also in smoke. However, for some enthusiasts, this is not enough and they increase the strength of the beam by modifying it.
Modification of Green Laser Pointer
  • For the modification process, a kit with essential equipment is required.
  • To start with, unscrew the end cap of your laser and carefully remove the power source, that is the batteries.
  • After removing the cap, remove the green diode and site the green laser crystal. The crystal is round in shape.
  • Remove the crystal from the case and heat it until you see a visible change.
  • After it is heated, mold it into an oval shape.
  • Place a diode in the laser shell, replace the batteries and the end cap.
  • After this, turn on your pointer and check if the output has increased. The change is noticeable if the output increases drastically.
The green diode can usually be taken out from the shells of inexpensive laser pointers. In high quality pointers, it is difficult to remove the diode. This is done intentionally by the manufacturers, so that the diode stays in its solid state and there is no effect on its durability.
In such cases, where it is difficult to remove the green diode, it is always advisable to get it modified by a professional. Modifying the intensity involves heating; hence for safety purposes, the usage of goggles and hand gloves is suggested.
If the procedure for the modification is not followed properly, it may ruin the pointer. In some cases, even after following the steps for modification, the pointer does not produce the desired output. The pointer may in fact, stop functioning at all.
To avoid this, it is better, to get the task done by a professional or you can simply buy a high quality green laser pointer. However, those who do not want to spend extra money, can buy one with 5mw of power, and then modify it.
The modification of a green laser pointer is simpler than a red one, hence many people opt for its modification. If your laser is already strong, then you should avoid modifying it because it may result in temporary or permanent damage.
With the procedure mentioned, you can increase the output of your green laser pointer in a cost-effective way.