How to Make XP Look Like Vista

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How to Make XP Look Like Vista

How to make XP look like Vista? There’s an easy way to make that happen. You just need to hold on tight to every word that follows below.

So, may be your computer system doesn’t have enough RAM to support Windows Vista. May be you’re too stony-broke to upgrade your system from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Or may be, you’re too lazy to go to a computer technician to upgrade your OS. Whatever be the reason, reading this write-up and following the set of instructions put forth here makes your job easy. The beautiful graphical user interface of Windows Vista is loved by every Windows devotee, but it does call for some massive system requirements in your computer.

Moreover, many users hesitate in upgrading their OS for they dread device crash, as per the negatives that Vista holds (for e.g., cases where users’ Vista keeps freezing). Nevertheless, it is extremely easy to make XP resemble Vista, provided you have some spare RAM on your computer system. So here’s dishing out the method of making windows XP an exact copy of Windows Vista, without any upgrade.

How to Make Windows XP Look like Windows Vista

It might be a tad tricky for beginners to change the appearance of Windows XP, since the process involves a few technical steps. However, the following instructions easily help you attain that Vista-look you always wanted for your computer system. Pay heed to the following steps:

Change the Theme

The first and the most important step while making XP look like Vista is to change the appearance. Now, there is the most popular and, perhaps, the most effective theme you can download from the Internet, and apply to your present OS. It is called VistaXP, and is the closest to Windows Vista in terms of appearance. Note that it is a third party theme, and Microsoft is particular about theme transformations. Hence, the only solution to this is to patch up the uxtheme.dll file which restricts a user to download and apply third party themes. Determine your Service Pack, and download the relevant patch from the Internet.

Replace the Earlier Theme

After you have downloaded the patch, you will have to go to C:\\WINDOWS\System32, select uxtheme.dll and drag it into the replacer box. Here, you need to pick and drop the patch you downloaded, and confirm. Lastly, when you have downloaded the theme you require to apply, unzip it in the Theme folder of your computer, which goes by this path – C:\\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes.

Download Vista Cursor Pack

Cursors are a significant part of the operating system interface, and Windows Vista’s cursors are much more attractive than those of XP’s. In order to enhance the appearance of your theme, you will have to download Vista Cursor pack, and unzip it on your desktop. The extraction of Vista cursors will automatically install all cursors into your operating system. Go to Control Panel, select Appearance and Themes, and click on Mouse Pointers. With this, you can change the cursor, and bask in the enriching feel of Windows Vista.

Download the Transformation Pack

This is the last step, wherein, you will have to download the transformation pack from the Internet, that will change the appearance of the Start Menu, dialog boxes, and all other menus into Vista ones. The Internet contains a lot of transformation packs with the help of which you can easily figure out the ones that you need. Just type in Vista Transformation Pack for Windows XP, and you will have what you require.

After downloading all packs, and implementing them, restart your computer. You will see an entirely new screen, which is not only more beautiful and attractive, but also better in terms of user-friendliness. The packs you downloaded would enable gadgets, better taskbar and sidebar, and an entirely new interface to work upon. Now, try it on your computer too. Here’s just a last bit of advice – download a replacer that backs up the present theme you have, so that if in case anything goes wrong, you don’t lose anything at all. Try it out, and come back here to discuss the results.

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