A Detailed Guide on How to Clean the Photocopier Machine Thoroughly

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How to Clean a Photocopier

Cleaning a photocopier machine can be a time-consuming job if you do not know what you are looking for. Regular maintenance can help prevent serious issues, and this can only be achieved with the help of regular cleaning.

Photocopier machines are present in most offices today, and some homes as well. These are highly useful machines that come in handy for making physical duplicate copies of documents and papers, and they need to be serviced and cleaned from time to time so as to ensure that the duplication process occurs smoothly and clearly.

Photocopier Machine

Machines that are not maintained could end up printing sheets with ink smudges on them, or could end up printing copies incompletely, and this could prove costly to many people.

The best way to clean the photocopier is to simply call up the provider, and have them send over a servicing team. These guys will service the entire machine from top to bottom and ensure that it functions as good as new. In some cases though, calling a professional service team is not a feasible option, and the owner would like to do it himself.

How to Clean a Copier Machine

The first thing that you need to do is study the manual of the machine and understand the various parts that are present and need to be cleaned up.

There is the fuser which prints the toner to the paper, there is the drum which prints pictures and logos on the paper and then there is the electronic dial of the machine which is used for instructing the machine to perform the required tasks.

Each of these parts need to be handled and cleaned individually, and this is something that should preferably be carried out by someone who has some degree of knowledge about such parts in the first place.

The Spilled Toner

A toner vacuum will be required, and this is essential for vacuuming the toner and the ink that spills on the machine and around it as well. The toner vacuum should be used at least once a day since it prevents the toner from seeping inside the machine and spoiling other parts in contact. It will also help keep the area around the machine clean and tidy.

If the vacuum is unable to clean the toner on the machine, then you can also purchase some isopropanol from the market. All photocopier machine cleaning kits that are sold in the market come equipped with isopropanol so you will not have any trouble finding this.

The Drum

Photocopier drum

If the photocopier drum cannot be cleaned properly, it will eventually need to be replaced. This can be a time-consuming and costly affair, so it is best to clean the drum as often and as efficiently as possible.

In order to do this you will need to open the door of the machine and the locate the drum, and then find the Mylar Bar that is located inside the machine as well. Consult your manual to find these items. The Mylar Bar is usually made out of plastic or rubber and it resembles a blade which can then be used to brush the drum.

The drum is generally attached with the toner cartridge so you will need to remove the cartridge before you actually clean the drum. As mentioned, this is only a superficial way of cleaning the drum. If there is excessive damage, you will need to replace the drum altogether.

The Fuser

The fuser is another vital part of a photocopier machine, and it needs regular servicing. The fuser performs the task of melting the toner in order to transform it on to the paper, so it needs to function properly or the toner will appear smudged on the paper.

Photocopier Fuser

Fusers are generally small metal rollers and they can also be located by you after referring to the user manual. In order to clean the fuser you need some silicon oil and a soft cloth. Dab the cloth with the oil and then gently swab the fuser so that it functions smoothly.

The glass display where the controls of the machine are located can also be cleaned with the help of a glass cleaner. Most photocopier cleaning kits will provide all these materials so that one can service their photocopier machine from time to time.

Major problems will obviously need the help of a professional, as will the replacement of certain parts. But the instructions provided here should be enough for general maintenance.

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