How to Make Emoticons

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How to Make Emoticons

When you are chatting with someone, you will want to make use of emoticons. If you do not know how to use them, you will often find it difficult to express your tone. In this Techspirited article, we learn the simple tricks to make different emoticons.

There are different names with which emoticons are referred to. It is also commonly referred to as smileys. They are actually glyphs which convey the emotions. They not only make the chat content interesting, but also animate the conversation.

One can express a number of emotions using these. Happiness, anger, sadness, shock, tears, etc., can be displayed using smileys. You will need some keystrokes to make the frowns, furled eyebrows, smiley faces, etc. At the same time, it is important to know the various meanings, so that you use the right emoticon in the right context.

Making Emoticons Using a Keyboard
Most of us use different chats to communicate with our loved ones. Some of us use Yahoo chat, while there are others who use MSN messenger. The latest additions to these are Facebook chat and Google talk. When you want to make emoticons on Facebook or any other chat, remember they are either to be made with or without a nose.

If you want a nose, then a dash will have to be placed between the eyes and the mouth. An example would be – :-). However, if you do not want a nose, then you will only type in :). Text messages is another instance where the emoticons can be used. Text message symbols do not differ from the smiley face symbols used for different types of instant messaging.

Keyboard Strokes Explanation
: ) Smile
: D Laughing
; ) Crying with joy
:’ ) Crying with joy
: B Typical buckteeth nerd
\~/ Glass is full
\_/ Glass is empty
: > Hey hey
| ) Hehehehe
; ) Wink indicating kidding
; > Devil wink
*<:o) Clowning
: T Trying to keep a straight face
: ( Sad
🙁 Frowning
: < Very sad
: c Unhappy
& | Eyes brimming with tears
;;) Battling eyelashes
@>–;– A rose
:-6 Totally Exhausted
Keyboard Strokes Explanation
: ^ o Liar
: O Oops
: I Doesn’t make a difference
: P Tongue out in anticipation
O : ) An angel at heart
\ – o Thoroughly bored
: * Sending kisses
: X A wet kiss your way
: {} Flying kisses
[] Hugs
(( )):** Hugs and kisses
: || Angry
>: < Very angry
: V Shouting
: @ Screaming
:-, Smirking
: > Sarcastic
😛 Nyaahh
p^_^q iPod headphones
-@! Cursing
% ) Brain dead

Keyboard Strokes Explanation
:’ Crying
:’ ( Sad as well as crying
: | Not in the best of moods
: [ Feeling very low
: [ Pouting
: W Forked tongue
^^^ Shark teeth
: 0 Surprised
: & Tongue-tied
: \ Cannot decide, or haven’t decided
:-S Vague and incoherent
:- I Hmmm
: # Cannot say anything, my lips are sealed
🙁 ) Non-stop talking
o///o Blushing and all pink
? or <3 Heart
-_- Annoyed
w(o_o)w Rocker guy
-DD- Bikini
l – O Yawning away to glory
=: ) An absolute hosehead

You will be able to make smiley faces on Facebook using these keyboard symbols with ease. Initially you will get confused, however, with practice, you will not have to seek help for the different emoticons that you want to use.

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