How to Join a Network on Facebook

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How to Join a Network on Facebook

The following article will discuss the intricacies of joining any network on Facebook, that will help you widen your horizon on this popular social networking site.

The world has become a smaller place with the advent of Facebook. It helps people stay connected with others around the world, for both work and pleasure. Besides being able to connect with friends and family through Facebook, they can also use this popular social networking site for business. There are many companies around the world who let their employees, in different cities or parts of the world, stay connected through the site. Not only companies, but even universities and colleges have their own networks, where past and current alumni stay connected with each other.

Ways to Join a Network on Facebook

New Network

Any new member in the Facebook family is prompted to join a network while creating a profile. Four different types of networks are offered, which include school, city, regional, and workplace networks. When you join a network, you will be able to become a part of a wider community. You will not only be linked to people in your friends list, but also to other people, through the network.

In order to join one, you need to click on ‘My Accounts’ link and select ‘Networks’. The page will contain the list of networks that you are already a part of. If not, then you can start typing the name of the network you wish to join in the field provided.

The field will auto-complete your network name, as you begin to type. You may find a whole list of networks matching the words you type. Select the one that matches the network you wish to join. But you will have to provide an email address from a school, college, or official work email address, that will be authenticated.

You will receive a confirmation email from Facebook with instructions that will help you join a new network. You can then click the tab named ‘Join Network’ and you will be a part of the new network. An individual can be a part of maximum five different networks. For example, college graduates can be a part of their school, college, and workplace networks.

Work Network

Joining a network related to work is just as simple. Your company first needs to distribute an official e-mail address to the employees. This official email address will help you create a workplace network for the employees. Use this email address of your company domain to join the network pertaining to your company. You will receive a confirmation email for the same, stating that you have been accepted in the company’s network.

Other than your company’s network, you can even join networks of other organizations or companies, by typing in the company’s name in the field provided. From the auto-complete list, choose the company you wish to join. Then click the ‘Join Network’ tab and you will now be a part of the new network related to work.

High School Network

You will need to be a current high school student. Your age should be between 13 years to 18 years. If one is above the age of 18 years, he or she will not be eligible to join a high school network. However, you can add your high school information to the Education section in your profile. Type in the name of your high school and join its network. If your high school is not supported, you can contact the concerned officials at Facebook, along with information related to your high school.

College Network

To join a college network, you will need to first have a valid email address from the colleges that Facebook supports. Then you will need to check your email inbox for a confirmation email. It will contain information that will help authenticate your college email address. Follow the link and officially join a college network.

Regional Network

If you wish to join a regional or city network, all you need is an email address. Just select the name of the city or region you wish to join. Click on ‘Join Network’ and you will be a part of the network. For example, if you are living in Los Angeles, all you need to do is type the city name in network field box. Select the name of your city from the auto-complete list, and click the tab named ‘Join Network‘.

Facebook Network Safety Precautions

Safety is the first thing that should come to one’s mind before joining a new network. It is not necessary that every member of a network is your friend or acquaintance. There are many people who will be able to see your profile, once you are in the network loop. Before joining a network, make sure you visit the Privacy Settings page to restrict your profile view.

Only friends can see more information, other than your name, network, and profile photo. Make sure you make the network that you have joined, similar or close to your primary network. This primary network name will be visible next to your name. It will also influence the search results you are searching for.

A network on Facebook will allow you to interact with more people, other than your confirmed friends. You can browse through the profiles of those within the network. However, the information you will be able to view, will depend on their privacy settings. You will be able to see groups and learn about events that are related to your specific network. Once you join a network, you may receive more friend requests than usual. Therefore, be a bit cautious about who you add as a friend.

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