How to Hook Up iPad to TV

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How to Hook Up iPad to TV

Wanna find out how to hook up iPad to TV? Read right ahead to get a step by step tutorial on how to go about it without damaging your gadget.

As amazing a gadget as the iPad is, many new owners of this delectably styled tablet PC often voice a common concern – that of its compatibility with other electronic devices such as desktop computers, television sets, projectors, etc. Well, Apple products are known to be pretty uptight when it comes to getting connected to and used in conjunction with other electronics, especially if those other electronics are products from different brands.

However, there are various hardware options by which you can connect your iPad to your television set but the quality of output you’ll get totally depends upon the television set itself. So, if you’ve been nagging yourself about whether you can hook up your iPad to the TV lately, there does exist a strong positive probability of success! The following segment deals with various options of going about it that will enable you to get fairly good output from the television on connecting your iPad to it.

Ways to Hook Up iPad to TV

Portable computing devices such as tablets, laptops and PDAs have an edge over the non portable ones insomuch as the former can be used to capture and store spontaneous and random data even when on the move. The fact that you can carry these with yourself everywhere means that you are always prepared to take in and record moments, information and memories in the form of documents, spreadsheets, videos and still-life pictures.

Now, when it comes to enjoying these moments, especially the videos and the snaps, later at leisure and with family or intimate company, one often prefers to experience the output on a larger scale – bigger frame, better sound, etc. For this purpose, it is quite obvious that people prefer hooking their laptops, PDAs and tablet computers on to television sets to recall those moments and replay the experience on a bigger screen with better resolution and accompanied by stronger, clearer and higher sound detailing. Coming back to the best way to hook up iPad to TV, this can be done by using any of the following options:-

  • Apple Composite AV Cable
  • Apple Component AV Cable
  • Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter

You can also use any other iPad compatible cable or cord to hook up iPad to TV. If you wish to play high-resolution videos from your iPad on the television and want a high-definition output on the same, the most preferred medium of connection is the Apple Component AV cable. However, this cable comes with its set of glitches, the primary being its inability to work directly with AV hookups. You may need to install component jacks on your television set in order for the Component AV cable to unleash its full functionality. Also, this cable is not compatible with just about any video program – Netflix, Hulu Plus and a few other video programs procured via iTunes are the only ones that this cable will run smoothly on your television.

You can use the Apple Composite AV cable as an alternative as it is easier to use directly for connecting the iPad as well as other Apple electronics such as iPod and iPhone to the television set or the music system. One great thing about the Composite AV cable is that it includes an adapter that, when connected to another active electronic device, charges you iPad/ iPhone/ iPod simultaneously as you play your fare on the TV!

Last but not the least is the Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter. If not getting high quality and high-definition videos is not a big concern, you can go for this connectivity option. This connecting hardware is cheaper than the former two and is simpler to use with a TV. This product is ideal for viewing slide shows via projectors or on a desktop screen and for viewing still photographs. The only other hitch with this product is that the output device to which it is to be connected must have an appropriate VGA connection option.

These alternatives on hooking up your iPad to the TV are presently the only safe ones available which will allow you to get graphic and multimedia output on your television from the iPad without tampering with your beloved tablet’s performance and without giving rise to compatibility issues.

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