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How to Hook Up Computer to TV

Suketu Mehta Oct 24, 2018
You always wanted to but did not know how to hook up your computer to a TV? Well, we will provide you all the information you need while hooking up your computer to the television set.
People, these days, like to experiment a lot with electronic devices, especially the computer. They like attaching devices to enhance the machine or to simply enhance their experience. One such common practice is hooking up a computer to TV. People who know how to do it, use it for various reasons.
They may want to show certain pictures or videos to the family, or watch a movie on a bigger screen, to play games, or simply might want to experience working on a large screen. Whatever the reason, it is a very simple procedure for which you will require nothing more than a few cables and little bit of common sense.

Connecting the TV to the PC

To start, you will first have to check the inputs that your TV set has. VGA, DVI, and HDMI are the most common inputs you will find. However, if your television set was purchased long time ago, you might have to arrange for a video card which will support your television connection.
This is because, older TV sets work on analog signals. Check the audio/video inputs which will be present on the side of your television set.
The next thing you need to check for, is the kind of video output your computer is capable of giving. You can determine this by having a look at the video card installed in your machine. Almost all computers bought recently, will support DVI. A high-end machine will also support HMDI.
In case you have an old TV set and you have removed your video card from the computer to attach it to the TV, the computer will then support whatever connection your TV set has.
You will now have to arrange for the appropriate cables. Get cables which support your TV connection. For video, if your TV set has S-video connection, purchase S-video cables. For audio, you may most probably require a stereo-mini-to-RCA cable. If your television supports any other connections other than these, buy corresponding cables.
Once you have the cables with you, simply connect them. Irrespective of the type of cable or connection you have, one end of the cable will have to be attached to your computer's port, while the other end will go into the TV set's input slot.
For your PC, connect the audio cable to the audio card, and the video cable to the video card. The color of the cable will help you while connecting cables to your TV set. That's it, you now need to start both the electronic devices to check whether you have successfully joined your computer to the TV. If it's not, check your cable connections once more.
In case you have a laptop, which you need to connect to the HDTV, the procedure is almost similar. Find out the video input in your television set, buy the corresponding cables, and connect them to both devices.
Keep in mind that the audio cable needs to be inserted in the headphones slot on the laptop. If your laptop does not accept or recognize your television after connecting them, you may have to adjust display settings present in the control panel, to allow two monitors.
Connecting a computer to a TV can certainly be a cause of joy - for it is indeed a treat to watch images on a bigger and better screen.