How to Get Free Shipping on Amazon

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How to Get Free Shipping on Amazon

The most popular shopping website, Amazon provides home delivery service. But there are shipping charges attached to this delivery, which pinches shoppers the most. In this Techspirited article, we provide tips on how to get free shipping on Amazon.

Quick Tip

The items that are eligible for quick shipping will have ‘Free Shipping’ displayed next to their price.

The popularity of online shopping has increased drastically in the past few years, and the concept of home delivery with shipping charges has become the preferred norm. E-shopping websites charge their customers additional money for delivering ordered or purchased stuff. However, while shopping with Amazon, you can save shipping charges. How? We, at Buzzle, have listed a few tips that will show you how to avail free shipping on Amazon.

Place an Order of Minimum USD 35

If you place an order of USD 35 or more, you can avail free shipping service. The products that are ordered will reach your doorstep in 5-8 business days once all the ordered items are available for shipping. The two methods to avail this opportunity are listed below.

Place an Order Using the Shopping Cart

Proceed to checkout.
Ship the items to your U.S. address.
Next, select the shipping preference as Group my items into as few shipments option.
Select Free Shipping as your shipping speed.

Place an Order Using 1-Click

On the 1-Click confirmation page, click on Review or edit your 1-Click orders.
Next, in the shipping speed option, click on Change.
Select Free Shipping option, in the shipping speed tab.

Essentials to Avail Free Shipping:

Ship to a U.S. delivery address from the said 50 states only.
Ship to APO/FPO address with U.S. zip codes.
No geographical restrictions on the products.

Conditions Where Free Shipping is Not Applicable:

Your order contains items without the ‘free shipping’ tags.
You have placed an order that includes special products.
The total purchase or order doesn’t add up to USD 35.

Amazon Student

If you are a student, you can avail free shipping on order or purchase. Amazon Student offers free membership to college students (who are enrolled in at least one class). Students should have a valid .edu email id. Once a student enrolls in this membership program, he will receive six months free Amazon Prime service. Apart from this, he will be entitled to 2-day free shipping and one-day shipping at USD 3.99, without a minimum purchase limit. However, once the trial membership expires, it will be automatically upgraded to paid membership for USD 39/year.

Amazon Mom

This program provides parents and caregivers some monetary relief by offering discounts on baby products. This membership is free for three months, after which, it will convert into a paid one. During the trial period, parents receive free 2-day shipping and one-day shipping at USD 3.99, even if the minimum purchase limit is not met. Apart from this, customers are entitled to a 20% discount on diapers and wipes alongside video streaming and Kindle rental discounts.

Amazon Prime

To enjoy two-day free shipping for most of your purchases, you need to be a part of the Amazon Prime paid membership program. However, during the initial free trial period, you can enjoy 2-day free shipping and one-day shipping at USD 3.99, without a minimum purchase limit. Apart from this, you can enjoy instant streaming of select movies and TV shows along with free monthly Kindle book rental.

There are fairly limited options to get free shipping on Amazon. You will have to particularly pick items with have a ‘free shipping’ tag attached to them. Else, you will have to shell out money for shipping. So, shop wisely and fulfill the requirements to avail free shipping benefits.

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