Easy Steps to Delete Your LinkedIn Account Permanently

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Easy Steps to Delete Your LinkedIn Account Permanently

LinkedIn is a great networking site for professionals, that gives users a perfect platform to network and connect with the ‘who’s who’ of his/her chosen industry or profession. However, if you do not wish to continue using this website, here are the steps on how to delete your LinkedIn account permanently.

Check Credit Card

If you are a paid member of the website, check your bank statements to know if the membership fees have been deducted after profile deletion.

The world’s most popular networking site for professionals, LinkedIn has grown into a great place to connect with industry experts. Today, most professionals are members (paid or free) of this website. Despite all these pros, if for any reason, you wish to delete your LinkedIn profile, you can do so by following a few simple steps. However, do remember to close all your groups (where you are the manager of the group) before deleting your account.

Select Privacy Settings

Select Privacy Settings Snapshot

The first step in the deletion process is to log in to your LinkedIn account. Once you are logged into the account, click on your profile picture. In the drop box that appears, click on Privacy & Settings option.

Choose Close Account

Choose Close Account Snapshot

In the Privacy & Settings page, navigate to the Accounts tab. In this tab, click on the Close Your Account option.

Select Reason

Select Reason Snapshot

Now, you will be redirected to a Close Account Reason page. Here, you will be asked to select one of the pre-mentioned reasons for closing the account. You can select the Other option, and state your reason to close the account (not mandatory).

Verify Account

Verify Account Snapshot

Once you select the reason to delete the account, all your account details will displayed. Click on Verify Account, after confirming the details.

Close Consequences

Close Consequences Snapshot

Once you have stated the reason, Close Consequences page will appear. After going through the consequences, click on the Close Account option.

Close Confirmation

Close Confirmation Snapshot

You will be redirected to an account close confirmation page, where your connections and primary email address details will be mentioned.


Relogin Snapshot

In order to check whether your account has been deleted on not, again login to your LinkedIn account. You will get a ‘temporarily restricted’ message. LinkedIn takes 72 hours to permanently delete your account. Please note that the cached versions on search engines will display your profile (for a few days), even after you have deleted it.

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