How to Get a Free Satellite TV

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How to Get a Free Satellite TV

The TV addicts are always looking for an answer to this question. While you might come across many offers proclaiming to be free, only a few are genuine. The trick is to exploit these genuine offers and get your own free satellite TV. Following article tells you more about these offers and also describes another method of getting it free.

At the first sight, the concept of a free-to-air satellite TV system might sound like a myth but it’s actually true and many have already taken advantage of it. Increased competition between satellite TV service providers have forced all of them to slash rates drastically to attract more users and increase their customer base. By providing free-to-air satellite TV, these service providers have gone another step forward to ensure customer loyalty.

There is more than one way of getting a free service for satellite TV. However, the easiest way is to look out for offers provided by the two satellite TV giants U.S. Dish and U.S. Direct. A typical free service offer includes a four television satellite system, free installation from professionals, a HDTV (high-definition TV) receiver, a digital video recorder (DVR) and also a few more bonus goodies, if you are lucky. These bonus goodies may include free satellite radio and home theater system.

Some offers also include a free Internet connection, lifetime warranty and even free upgrades for certain packages. Also, some offers might give you one TV receiver while others might give you two. So, before taking advantage of any free offers, thoroughly evaluate all other offers that are available in the market at that point of time.

Procedure for Buying and Installing your Own Free Satellite TV System

A large number of unencrypted, free-to-air satellite TV channels are available today. The consumers can view these channels without paying any subscription fees to any satellite TV service provider. However, to tap these channels, the consumer needs to buy the right TV receiving equipment and install it appropriately in the locality. You require a 31 inch dish and a linear (low frequency) LNB. There are many vendors selling free-to-air satellite TV equipment today. You can find them through the Internet or find one near your locality.

The next step is finalizing your preferences and evaluating the equipment in terms of size and functionality. Choose the right one depending on your budget and usability. There is a wide range of dish antennas, receivers and other satellite television-related equipment available today. So, deciding on which one to buy might be difficult. Inquire about the equipment from friends or relations if you are not aware about the intricacies of all of them. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to the vendor if you are not sure, after all satellite TV installation is not something that one does frequently. Also, inquire about other freebies and warranty schemes that might be available with the equipment.

Once you have evaluated all the equipment, buy the right TV receiver, dish antenna, LNB, and motor. You can even install the satellite TV equipment yourself or take help from the vendor. The vendors usually provide professional installation for free. Once it is installed, you can watch satellite TV for free.

Another method is to use the Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna. This antenna is also called the HDTV or HD antenna. This is used to view the local channels and has a very good picture quality. It’s easy to set up and costs less too.

During your hunt, you can find many offers on the Internet providing the service, but not all of them are genuine. Most of them have a lot of hidden costs involved and the installation of the equipment is also not up to the mark. So beware of the posers and make sure you are dealing with an authentic service provider. In case your monthly TV subscription bills have already become sky high, and you cannot do away with the TV either, it’s time you get a free service system of your own.

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