Want to Get a Computer for Free? We’ll Tell You How To

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How to Get a Computer for Free

When you are on the lookout for a free computer, the easiest way is to save up on money. However, if that’s not an option for you, you can reach out to people and organizations to get your requirement satisfied. Techspirited pens down some options that may work for you.

Generous Gesture

Microsoft does its bit by giving $2 million a day in software donations to nonprofit organizations all over the world.

You can get access to a computer for free if you take the necessary efforts. You might not get the latest, hi-tech equipment, but you can solve your word-processing requirements, connect to the Internet, and do other simple tasks with an older computer.

There are a flock of organizations who are trying to ensure that free computers are made available to low-income families or the elderly. In this Techspirited article, we give you some ideas to get a computer for free.

E-waste Recyclers

Computer parts

Get old, used, non-working computers from e-waste recyclers and repair them. This step involves some technical know-how. You have to visit a local e-waste recycler in your area and get a used, non-working computer from them. You can also ask people or organizations to give you their out-of-order computers instead of throwing them. You then have to employ all your technical skills to get the computer back to its working condition.

Charitable Organizations

Get involved with a church, school, scout, or any other charitable institution that has a computer literacy wing. There are nonprofit, service-oriented institutions like non-governmental organizations, churches, schools etc., that have a computer literacy wing. They receive technology grants from partner organizations or from the manufacturers themselves. If you approach them, they can provide you with a computer or a laptop. You can get involved with their service projects by either being a key and pivotal member in their computer literacy drives or just by being a volunteer. This way, you can get access to a computer, if not your own, to meet your needs.

Other Donating Organizations

► World Computer Exchange Inc.
► freecycle.org
► InterConnection.org
► Computers with Causes
► Jim Mullen Foundation
► National Cristina Foundation
► PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Program
► computersforeducation.org
► Computer Recycling Center
► GiveTech
► Beaumont Foundation of America
► Share the Technology – Computer Recycling Project

Publish a Letter to a Local Publication
Many communities publish a newsletter, magazine, or a periodical. You can write a letter, stating your requirement, to be printed in this publication. There will be many individuals who will willingly give you their old, obsolete computers.

Find a Business that Donates Computers
There are socially responsible companies, businesses, and manufacturers who donate their outdated computers to groups or individuals. You can thus approach them and get your need for a free computer met.

Inexpensive New Computers
New notebooks and computers are bound to get cheap after a while, so you can look for those that fulfill your basic needs. You can opt for Linux-based systems. Inspect models from ASUS or subnotebooks that are very cheap if you wish to.

Computer Help for Free
Do you have issues with your computer that are too costly to fix? Look into resources like Computer Hope that will help you repair your computer without outside assistance.

Among all this, there is a possibility of deceitful people being present out there who may offer free computers on a monthly basis, the charges being so extraordinarily high that you can actually purchase a brand new PC instead of opting for the free one! So, watch out before you are scammed.

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