Free Cell Phone Number Search: How to Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number

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Free Cell Phone Number Search: How to Find Someone's Cell Phone Number

At times, one has a genuine need to search someone’s cell phone number and is unable to find it. This article is aimed at explaining how you could acquire someone’s cell phone number for free from the Internet, if you are in urgent need. There are source sites on the Internet, that let you search a cell phone number for free. Read on for more…

If you want to find the cell phone number of a person, there is one sure shot way of finding it. Concentrate on the name and the person’s face. Meditate intensely, the numbers will come to you one by one! It’s a telepathic technique! I am just kidding!

Jokes apart, looking up a cell phone number is often a big hassle as there are no permanent directories or databases where they are regularly updated and listed. However, land line numbers do have this facility. Very often, it so happens that we urgently need to contact a person or we receive blank calls from an unknown cell phone number. In both cases, it’s impossible to trace calls, because of the absence of standard directories published by the cell phone companies. In a way, it’s good that they aren’t listed as it helps in protecting your privacy.

How To Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number

Although finding a cell phone number on the Internet for free, is like searching for a needle in a haystack, there are ways in which you could manage to find it. Here is how you could go about it.

Search On Google

First remedy is, when in doubt, Google! Search the name on Google or Yahoo search engine. The chances of getting the person’s number this way are slim but by chance he or she has been careless enough to leave it on some social networking site or a discussion forum you are sure to get it!

If the person whose number you are looking for has a homepage of his own, then search engines will find it for you. Mostly, people do put their contact numbers on their web pages, so that it is easier for the website visitors to contact them.

Go For Opt In Cell Phone Directories

The approach which has more chances of success is going to sites, which have a limited listing of cell phone numbers according to the area codes. If you want to know the personal details for free, there are certain sites like ‘Free reverse cell phone directory’ or ‘National Cellular Directory’ that give you the numbers of the cell phone owners for free in return of you providing your own name and phone number. However, there is a downside to using these sites. They may use your numbers to message you advertisements and spam your cell phone inbox. Of course, the person whose number who are looking for, should have voluntarily listed his number there, for this suggestion to work.

One more way is to go for certain directories in which people voluntarily provide their contact information. These databases are made available to general public, over the Internet with their consent. These may be business networking sites, which list the private cell phone numbers of their subscribed members. They may also turn out to be alumni sites of certain colleges and universities which are created so that classmates can stay in touch with each other.

Social Networking Sites

If you can find the person, whose cell phone number you are looking for, on any social networking site like Facebook, just add him. Once he or she accepts your request, you may find the cell phone number listed as contact information.

To be honest, there is very little probability that any of the above suggestions will work for you. In that case, you can opt for paid sites like ‘National Registry of Cellular Numbers’ that can find the number for you, if you have the person’s full name. They charge a nominal fee for the purpose. These sites also have a paid reverse phone lookup facility which can trace the owner of any cell phone number in USA.

I reiterate that it’s highly unlikely that you will find a cell phone number for free, as no telephone directories are published by the phone companies for the purpose. The surest way of finding these numbers is opting for a paid reverse phone lookup website. It is good practice to keep a permanent phone number diary as a hard copy and a soft copy on your computer. You never know whose number you may require and it’s always good to be prepared! It may save you a lot of time in the future, which might otherwise be invested in scouring the Internet for someone’s contact information.

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