How to Delete Photos from an iPod

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How to Delete Photos from an iPod

If you are going to buy a new iPod to replace the one you were using, then it is very important to know how to delete your photos from the older one. Deleting photos, as you will find out in this article, is a simple task that can be done with the help of iTunes.

The iPod is a revolutionary device which has opened newer avenues for digital entertainment. There are several different versions of the iPod which have their unique set of features and functionalities. The most popular models are the nano, classic, and the iPod touch. Deleting photos and pictures from these devices might be required if you want to replace current pictures with other new ones. This may not be the case with the ‘classic’ though, which has a massive memory storage capacity.

iPod Touch

The fourth generation iPod touch comes with a built-in camera that can be used to capture quality stills and videos. In order to remove photos from this variant of the iPod touch, you may use two methods, such as from the device itself or using iTunes via a computer.

In the first method, you need to press the ‘home’ button at the bottom of the device if it is turned off. Slide the unlock key to access the functions. Now, you will have to find the ‘Photos’ icon from the menu, which is like a sunflower image. In order to view all pictures on the device, you will have to select the ‘Camera Roll’ option. Select the one you want to remove and then select the trashcan icon which you will find at the lower right hand side.

The next step is to select the ‘Delete Photo’ option to have the picture deleted. Remember that you cannot select multiple pics and then delete them all in the same go by using this method. An important point to note is that in case you have a jailbroken iPhone or the iPod touch, you can install certain Cydia applications in order to have multiple images removed from the device itself. If you want to delete a large chunk of pics all at once, it is suggested to use the iTunes method that is explained below.

iPod Classic

If you are using an iPod model such as the ‘classic’, you will have to use the iTunes software for this purpose. Start out with connecting the device to the computer using an iPod USB cable, after which the iTunes app will launch automatically. It doesn’t, simply open it manually. After the device is detected by iTunes, it would be displayed as an icon in the menu section on the left side. Click on the ‘Continue’ option to access the iPod menu. You then need to select the ‘Photos’ section from the iTunes window.

The next steps would be to uncheck the ‘Sync photos from’ option, select the unwanted pics, and click on ‘Remove Photos’. You then need to click on ‘Apply’ in the lower right side, after which the device will take some time to synchronize. Once the process is complete, all pictures will be deleted. You can then eject the iPod from iTunes and then finally from the computer. You can use this procedure for deleting multiple pictures from the iPod touch or from the Apple iPhone.

These are standard procedures that you need to follow if you want to delete pictures from an iPod classic or iPod touch. For more detailed information on deleting photos from an iPhone or iPod touch, it is recommended that you refer to the manufacturer’s website.

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