How to Delete Facebook Apps

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How to Delete Facebook Apps

If you want to avoid prying eyes from having a look at your Facebook profile, you need to learn how to delete Facebook apps. Learn all about removing and deleting Facebook applications from the following article given below.

As an active citizen of the Facebook world, one tends to spend lots of time trying out different applications. And each day, there are a couple of requests from friends to try out a few applications. If you are just like me, you will end up trying out most of these popular Facebook apps. However, one is wary of these Facebook apps as they are able to access your personal data. This makes you vulnerable to many cyber evils and villains.

Many citizens on Facebook find that their profile is cluttered with hundreds of applications, some as old as a year or two. Removing and deleting Facebook applications will keep your profile information safe. It will prevent certain websites from mining and selling your personal information. So, how do you delete these unwanted applications from your profile? Keep reading to find out how.

How to Delete Facebook Applications from Your Account?

Too many applications in your profile mean hundreds of prying eyes looking out for valuable information related to you. One cannot be sure which application is safe and whether your data will be secure and unused for their personal gains. Thus, the best idea is to remove or delete these Facebook applications. Just as it is easy to access these apps, similarly all you need to do is, follow the simple instructions below to get rid of them all.

Step 1

First of all, you need to log in to your Facebook profile. Now, on your home page look for the Accounts tab. You will locate it in the far right of your profile page, right at the top.

Step 2

Once you locate Accounts, click on it and you will find a list of links. Scroll down to the one that says Privacy settings.

Step 3

Click on Privacy Settings and you will be directed to a page and you will have to scroll down to Apps and Websites right at the end of the page. Click on Edit Apps Settings link provided.

Step 4

When you enter Applications page, you will find a long list of applications you have used. Next to each application, you will find an X. Click on the X and you will be asked Remove. Click on it and the application will be deleted from your account forever.

You will have to sit and delete each of the applications individually. There is no way that you can delete them all in one go. It does sound tedious especially if you have more than a hundred applications. But if it concerns your privacy, then you have no choice but to sit and remove each of these unwanted applications one by one. Application developers can now store infinite user information as long as they want. This makes a user vulnerable to attack from hackers and identity thieves. There are more than 500,000 applications available on Facebook. No wonder it is impossible for Facebook to control and police each of these apps.

This leaves the onus of responsibility on the user. You need to be careful about who has access to your information. Photos, videos, status updates, likes, interests, hobbies, etc. are all easily accessible to application developers. You may not be aware but there is a ‘privacy setting’ available on Facebook that helps you control all the information shared by you to these applications. When you go to Privacy Settings you will be able to find a tab that says Info accessible. Click on Edit Settings next to it and you will be guided to a new page. Here, there is a list of information that can give you access to applications, games and websites after your friends use them. This will help keep your data safe as these websites won’t have access to any of your information, even after your friends access these applications.

Once in a while, make sure you do get rid of the redundant applications. This will help you have a secure and safe Facebook experience.

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