How to Create a Group on Facebook

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How to Create a Group on Facebook

Are you looking to create a new group on Facebook? If yes, then perhaps the following article can be of some help.

It will be next to impossible that almost everyone you know has heard of the wonders of Facebook. And truth be told, there actually is so much to do here as well. With adding friends, sending messages, chatting, playing games, browsing profiles, etc., it is interesting to see how much can be done here. Along with all the things we just mentioned, Facebook also gives its users an option to create their own groups.

There can be several reasons why you may be looking for information on creating a group on Facebook. Perhaps it’s to gather people with similar interests in music, movies, books, thoughts and ideas, opinions, letting people know of your new business/organization, small business, or any such interests.

There are times when you don’t wish to share everything or certain, important things with everyone on your friends’ list; this could include anything. A private group, where only a few selected people can access the information can be the right way to go. Making a group is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps given below.

  • Before you begin, you will require a Facebook account. If you already have an active profile on the site, log in.
  • Go on your favorite search engine and type “Facebook group” and click on the Facebook link provided.
  • Another way to reach this page is by going to your “My Groups” page right on Facebook.
  • Once you reach this page, you will have to select the option “Create Group”.
  • Click on this button, which is on the bottom of the My Groups page, on the left site.
  • First, you will require a photo for your group. Select one that identifies best with what the group is going to focus on (no copyright infringement).
  • Next comes the part where you will have to include a detailed information on what the group is all about.
  • You will have to select the exact category your group is associated with. This way, people who find those groups interesting will be able to find you.
  • In the end, you will send out invitations to people you want to be members of this group.

Even though, at this stage, your group isn’t completely finished, the basic or you can say that the initial phase is over. After the initial few steps are over, the next you need to decide is whether your groups is going to Open (anyone can join the group), Closed (only you or other administrators of the group can approve group members), or a Secret (only people who have got an invite can join) to friends and public.

These three options will help you manage the group properly. After you have made your selection, save your work and a box will appear. It will ask you whether you wish to “Publish” your group onto your profile page. Select the “Publish” option and your group will have been successfully created.

A lot of people have a group on Facebook for people who share common interests. For example, if you are learning how to play the guitar and are looking for notations on one of the song, you can join a group made for guitar players and ask the question and find your answers. Secondly, it is used for people bringing together the people of one institution, whether it is a workplace or a college, and makes it easier for them to communicate with each other. Thirdly, it can also be a platform for a celebrity to communicate with his or her fans and get important reviews from them about his or her work.

Creating groups can help you share a variety of ideas, thoughts, opinions, and information to maximum number of people. And the best part is, since the members have voluntarily joined the group, you know that they care about the same things too. While you, the administrator can control who can see the group, this doesn’t mean that the members of the group can’t share some information as well.

With the help of posts on the Wall, the group can stay active with regular updates, polls, pictures, events, questions, links, videos, and so much more. Members can even chat amongst each other, share documents, and stay connected. You can even edit the group’s information and description that accurately meets the purpose of the group.

Constant interactions between group members is what will keep the group popular. Also, this means more and more people will want to join it too (if it is public or even closed group). Now a small piece of information before we wrap this article up. Since you are the one who has created the group, there is an option of “Leave Page”, but that is generally for other members of the group.

Facebook is a wonderful platform for all its users and helps you meet your friends which you otherwise couldn’t! No doubt, it is such a popular website all over the world!

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