How to Create an Event on Facebook

Using the 'Events' application, you can invite all your Facebook friends to any function. If you are completely clueless about creating events on Facebook, this article will clearly guide you through it.
Techspirited Staff
Inviting people to any event can be an exhausting experience, with all the invitations that need to be mailed, waiting for the RSVP response, and then estimating the turnout for making requisite arrangements. Thanks to the new social networking phenomenon that we have all grown to love, namely - Facebook, it's a lot easier today to invite people to events. In fact, using this feature, you can invite thousands of people personally, in an instant.
About Facebook Events Application
Facebook developers came up with the idea of an 'Events' application, when they recognized the need of business page and personal page users who used to send invitations for events by individually posting on the Facebook wall of the expected guests or by messaging them on Facebook. The 'Events' application that was launched some time ago, does all this automatically, as soon as the guest list and event details have been provided.
The moment an event is created on Facebook, the invited guests receive notifications asking for their RSVP response, with the information about the date, time and place, clearly mentioned. If the invited guest has provided a positive response, a reminder is placed on the right hand side of his profile page until the event is over. A user of this application can also track all the past invitations sent to him.
Event Creation on Facebook
Like every application on Facebook, creating an event is an extremely simple task. In a few minutes, you can create a custom invitation for any event. Here is how to go about it.
Step 1: Search & Land Up on Events Application
Search for 'Events' in the search box provided at the top of your Facebook 'Home' page. A listed item called 'Events' application will appear in the drop down list. Click on it to land up on the application interface. There you will see your past and upcoming event invitations listed.
Step 2: Click on the Create Event Button
Look at the top of the page to find the 'Create Event' button. Click on it to open the event creation form which will ask for details about the event.
Step 3: Fill the Form & Create Event
You can see what the event creation form will look like, in the image presented below. It asks you a series of questions like:
  • When → to specify the exact time
  • What are you planning? → to describe the event
  • Where → to specify location
  • Who's Invited? → to specify the guest list
Choose whether you want to make it a public event and whether you want the guest list to be provided on the event page, which will be eventually generated. Once you are done filling all the information, hit the 'Create Event' button, to officially send invitations and create a page devoted to it! Your mission is accomplished.
Facebook event
Event creation is especially useful when you have to send event invitations on a short notice. The invited guests also find it easy to provide an RSVP response immediately. Within a few hours of sending the invitations, as the responses come in, you can have an estimate of the number of people attending the event. To summarize, to create an event, all you have to do is go the 'Events' application, fill up a form, which includes description of the event, timing and adding the guest list. With a click of the 'Create Event' button, you are done! In an instant, all your invited guests will receive a notification regarding your invitation. Make use of this 'Events' application feature effectively, to streamline and simplify your event management job.