How to Copy Wii Games to DVD

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How to Copy Wii Games to DVD

Owners of the Nintendo Wii know that using a disc for long hours can damage it, and so can improper handling of the disc. These original games are expensive, so it is advisable to make duplicates of the game and use the duplicate discs instead.

The Nintendo Wii game console is the most popular and bestselling device in the video game console market. There are tons of great games that users can play on it, and the unique motion-sensing controllers make this a highly enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, like all other video game consoles, these games come at a fairly high price. So if you own a large collection of Wii games, then you may want to consider creating backup discs of these games so that you can avoid using the originals as much as possible.

If you happen to damage a Wii game disc, you can be assured that the game will not work anymore. This will result in a massive loss for you if you are not careful with these discs, and replacing them is not a feasible option for everyone around.

Burn Wii Games on DVD

All original discs come embedded with an encrypted copy-protection software on them to prevent people from making duplicate copies. This is done in order to avoid piracy, which is a constant and ever-increasing threat to this industry. This does not mean that you cannot achieve this purpose, but the point is that it is illegal, especially if you are distributing the copied games to people. Hence we strongly suggest that you create back up discs of Wii games only for your own personal use.

We do not promote the distribution of copied and pirated games in any manner.

In the past, you needed a device known as a modchip in order to enable your Wii to read and recognize copied games, but this is not necessary anymore. The latest versions of HomeBrew software enables you to copy Wii games to discs with consummate ease. The process of enabling Wii consoles to read copied discs without the use of external hardware is known as ‘softmodding’, and this is something that anyone can learn easily today.

Backing Up Wii Games on DVD

Now, the first thing that you need to do is find this software on the Internet, and download and install it on your computer. Insert the original game disc into your computer, and then simply copy it and burn it onto a blank DVD. The software that you have installed will take care of the decoding and the decrypting of the protection software on the original DVD, and you will then be able to burn it on a DVD like any other regular file.

The next thing you need to do is softmod your Wii console so that it can read the disc. There are many videos that you can find online that will show you how to do this, and it simple involves installing the latest Wii Unlock Hack on the console. Some people may also need to downgrade their firmware version on the console, so that they can make use of this hack effectively. Once this has been done, you will be able to play all the content that you copied on the backup disc on the Wii with ease. The disc will function like an original disc, and you can thus protect the original from unwanted damage and scratches that come from overuse.

We would like to re-emphasize on the fact that distributing copied Wii games is illegal, and you can get into serious trouble for doing so. Make use of this method only if you are sure that only you will be using the copied disc in your home for private use.

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