How to Convert a WPS File to a Word Document (Doc File)

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How to Convert a WPS File to a Word Document (Doc File)

WPS files were very popular in the early ’90s. Times have changed, and so have the file formats. Here, we shall tell you how to convert a ‘WPS’ file into a ‘Doc’ file for easier use.

Did You Know?
Microsoft Works 9 was the final version of the software, and was discontinued in 2010.

Computers have made our work easier by saving and arranging our documents in a systematic manner. There’s no need to trash the office looking for that one file that evades your eyes. But as technology evolves, so should we. Unfortunately, some people don’t get the concept, and are still stuck using archaic file formats.

A WPS file was used by consumers because it was cheaper than the Office suite, and contained the basic software of spreadsheet, word processor, and a database management system, which can be taught to even novices. But now, the format has become near extinct. For those who have gotten used to the software, there’s a solution. We will tell you how to convert a WPS file into a word document (.doc), in a few easy-to-do steps.

What is WPS?
WPS is a file format extension used by Microsoft Works. Compared to MS Word, it had a flatline database system to store data. The formula had to be entered manually for calculations to be interpreted properly. It was discontinued in 2006, and replaced by the .doc format. WPS contains a C++ library called ‘libwps’, which lets you read and edit WPS files. It doesn’t have advanced formatting options, and doesn’t include the option of using macros.

What is a Doc File?
Enter Microsoft Word. Although it started as a basic word processing software, later on, it included additional options like embedding images in the document, different font styles, as well as support for more file formats. It soon went on to become the proprietary software of the Microsoft Office suite. It can be saved with the .doc extension. This format is recognized by almost all popular office suites like WPS Office and NeoOffice. On Linux, it can be opened using OxygenOffice Professional.

How to Open a WPS File in Word?
There are a number of ways to open a WPS file. The easiest way is to open it in Microsoft Word. This only works if you have Office 2007 and above.

  • Open Microsoft Word and click on the Windows icon on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Next, click on ‘Open’, and select the WPS file you wish to see.
  • After opening the file, just save it in a format recognized worldwide, like .doc or .pdf.
  • Done! It’s ready to read and use anytime.

How to Open a WPS File on Mac
The Macintosh version of Works was discontinued after version 4.0. This is one of the main reasons users can’t open WPS files. We tell you how to do so in the following steps.

Step 1
Open Microsoft Word for Mac, and select ‘Open’. Choose the location of your WPS file. Select the (.*) all files option if you can’t see it.

Step 2
After opening the file, click on the ‘Save As’ option. Then save it in an ‘.rtf’ extension, which can be opened easily on Mac. Now open the file in Word or Text Edit software.

Step 3
If your Works file isn’t working, it needs to be converted.

Step 4
Download Microsoft Works 6-9 File Converter. Double-click the file to install it. Once installed, it can automatically open WPS files.

Step 5
The converter automatically converts the file when you open it in Word.

Step 6
If Word isn’t installed, OpenOffice, NeoOffice, and Doxillion Document Converter Software are free and easy to download and use. NeoOffice contains the ‘libwps’ library which is used to read this format.


Zamzar is a free-to-use online software which can be used to convert software into popular usable formats.

For safekeeping, you can convert it into a PDF format. This keeps the data secure, and it’s wide availability makes it easy to use.

Kingsoft Office
If you have trouble opening it, it might not be a Microsoft Works file but an extension for Kingsoft Office. You can open such files installing Kingsoft Office.

Windows users can still use Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word to view these files. Now, with this knowledge, it’ll be easy to convert a WPS file to .doc format. You can even convert it to many other formats and join us in the real world.

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